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Confronting genocide : Judaism, Christianity, Islam

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Introduction: Genocide in the name of God : thoughts on religion and genocide / Steven Leonard Jacobs
pt. 1. Textual warrants for genocide
Theological warrants for genocide : Judaism, Islam, and Christianity / Leo Kuper
The last uncomfortable religious question? : monotheistic exclusivism and textual superiority in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as sources of hate and genocide / Steven Leonard Jacobs
A sweet-smelling sacrifice : genocide, the Bible, and the indigenous peoples of the United States, selected examples / Chris Mato Nunpa
The accountability of religion in genocide / James Frazer Moore
More than the Jews ... his blood be upon all the children : biblical violence, genocide, and responsible reading / Gary A. Phillips
pt. 2. Religion and mass violence : empirical data and case studies
Religion and genocide / Leonard B. Glick
Jihad and genocide : the case of the Armenians / Richard L. Rubenstein
Islam and genocide : the case of Bangladesh in 1971 / Mohammad Omar Farooq
The genocidal twentieth century in the Balkans / Paul Mojzes
"Death was everywhere, even in front of the church" : Christian faith and the Rwandan genocide / Stephen R. Haynes
pt. 3. Alternative readings of troubling texts : religion as a force against violence
Getting rid of the G-d of Abraham : a prerequisite for genocide / David Patterson
The Ten commandments, the Holocaust, and reflections on genocide / Paul R. Bartrop
Coming to terms with Amalek : testing the limits of hospitality / Henry F. Knight
pt. 4. Theologies and practices of reconciliation
Post-Shoah restitution of a different kind / John K. Roth
The Holocaust, genocide, and the Catholic Church / Donald J. Dietrich
Catholic views on Holocaust and genocide : a critical appraisal / John T. Pawlikowski
Terror out of zion : making sense of scriptural teaching / Zev Garber
Rape, religion, and genocide : an unholy silence / Carol Rittner
Appendix 1 : Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
Appendix 2 : Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Appendix 3: The United Nations Convention on the Non-applicability of Statutory Limitations to War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity (1968)