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Replicating microfinance in the United States

Microfinance was pioneered in the developing world as the lending of small amounts of money to entrepreneurs who lacked the kinds of credentials and collateral demanded by banks. Similar practices spread from the developing to the developed world, reversing the usual direction of innovation, and today several hundred microfinance institutions are operating in the United States. Replicating Microfinace in the United States reviews experiences in both developing and industrialized countries and extends the applications of microlending beyond enterprise to consumer finance, housing finance, and community development finance, concentrating especially on previously underserved households and their communities
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Opportunities and challenges for microfinance in the United States / Mark Schreiber and Jonathan Morduch
Microfinance in developing countries / J.D. von Pischke
Current foundations of microfinance best practices in developing countries /
J.D. von Pischke
Microfinance in industrial countries : lessons from the World Bank's experience / Robert M. Buckley
Financial sustainability in U.S. microfinance organizations : lessons from developing countries / Andres Vinelli
Fulfilling the potential of the U.S. microenterprise strategy / Lisa Servon
The challenges of outreach and sustainability for U.S. microcredit programs / Nitin Bhatt, Gary Painter, and Shui-yan Tang
From south to north : a comparative study of group-based microcredit programs in developing countries and the United States / Chi-kan Richard Hung
Microfinance and low- and moderate-income lending for housing in emerging markets and the United States / Sally R. Merrill and Kenneth Temkin
Microfinance of progressive housing : can techniques from developing countries be adapted in the United States? / Bruce Ferguson and Elinor R. Haider
The future of microfinance in the United States : research, practice, and policy perspectives / Ayse Can Talen, Marc A. Weiss, and Sohini Sarkar
Based on papers presented at an Oct. 2001 conference at the Woodrow Wilson Center