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Why Shakespeare : an introduction to the playwright's art

"Writing for a small troupe of men and boys who performed on an almost bare stage, William Shakespeare dramatized an unparalleled range of stories and emotion through his wizardry with words, his uncanny knowledge of the human spirit, and his genius for maximizing the talents of his actors. Working under conditions that today we would consider primitive, he made himself into a supreme playwright." "By concentrating on a dozen of his best-known plays (though others receive attention, too), and analyzing their structural and theatrical elements as well as their distinctive language, inventive plotting, and unique characters this book demystifies Shakespeare for all theater lovers."--Jacket
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Continuum, New York, ©2005
192 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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Organizing the story
Managing the exposition
Structuring and sequencing the scenes
Creating character
Mixing verse and prose
Incorporating theatrical devices
Resolving the action
Conclusion : Why Shakespeare