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The muse of history and the science of culture

Is history more than (in Boswell's words) a `chronological series of remarkable events'? In short, can a substantial and coherent philosophy of history be devised that offers answers to these questions? These issues, which have intrigued -and bedeviled - historians for centuries, are explored in this thoughtful book.
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1. The Philosophy of History: A Bone of Contention. 2. The Changing Faces of History. 3. The Thorny Thickets of History. 4. What Drives the Engine of History? Race and the Deity. 5. The Great Man and Ideas as Prime Movers. 6. How to Turn History into Science. 7. The Culture Process and its Determinants. 8. Are There Laws of History? 9. Proposed Laws of Culture. References cited. Appendix.