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Renaissance go-betweens : cultural exchange in early modern Europe

The volume analyses some of the travelling and bridge-building activities that went on in Renaissance Europe, mainly but not exclusively across the Channel, true to Montaigne's epoch-making program of describing 'the passage'.
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The Renaissance translator as go-between / Peter Burke
Inglese italianato-Italiano anglizzato : John Florio / Manfred Pfister
Ash Wednesday in Westminster : Giordano Bruno meets Elizabethan England / Werner von Koppenfels
De Witt, van Buchell, the wooden O, and the yellow M / Paul Frassen
John Dee as cultural, scientific, apocalyptic go-between / György E. Szönyi
John Wolfe and the impact of exemplary go-betweens on early modern print culture / Sonia Massai
Hybrids : learning from a gilded silver beaker (Antwerp, c. 1530) / Carlo Ginzburg
British cultural history and church history for the continent : John Bale's Summarium (1548) and Catalogus (1557-59) / Herbert Grabes
Machiavellian dissimulation and allegory : the writings of Roger Ascham and Sir Philip Sidney / John Roe
Moses as go-between : John Spencer's theory of religious translation / Jan Assmann
Another country : Marlowe and the go-between / Richard Wilson
Spirits, ghosts, demons in Shakespeare and Milton / Aleida Assmann
A membrane has broken : returning from the dead in The Spanish tragedy / Alexander Leggatt
The words of Mercury : Shakespeare's love ambassadors / François Laroque
Incising Venice : the violence of cultural incorporation in The merchant of Venice / Philippa Berry
Iago the essayist : Florio between Montaigne and Shakespeare / Catherine Belsey