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Karl Marx : a reader

This volume contains a selection of Karl Marx's most important writings. It is designed as a companion to Elster's An Introduction to Karl Marx and the thematic structure of each book is the same. But the Reader can also stand on its own and offers the student a substantial and revealingly organized selection of the crucial texts needed to understand and assess Marx's views.
Print Book, English, 1986
Cambridge University, Cambridge, England, 1986
vi, 345 p. ; 22 cm
9780521329217, 9780521338325, 0521329213, 0521338328
Preface; Acknowledgments; 1. Marxist methodology; 2. Alienation; 3. Marxian economics; 4. Exploitation; 5. Historical materialism; 6. Class consciousness and class struggle; 7. Marx's theory of politics; 8. The Marxist critique of ideology; Sources; Index.