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The Linux command line : a complete introduction

Learning the shell -- What Is the shell? -- Navigation -- Exploring the system -- Manipulating files and directories -- Working with commands -- Redirection -- Seeing the world as the shell sees it -- Advanced keyboard tricks -- Permissions -- Processes -- Configuration and the environment -- The environment -- A gentle introduction to vi -- Customizing the prompt -- Common tasks and essential tools -- Package management -- Storage media -- Networking -- Searching for files -- Archiving and backup -- Regular expressions -- Text processing -- Formatting output -- Printing -- Compiling programs -- Writing shell scripts -- Writing your first script -- Starting a project -- Top-down design -- Flow control: branching with if -- Reading keyboard input -- Flow control: looping with while and until -- Troubleshooting -- Flow control: branching with case -- Positional parameters -- Flow control: looping with for -- Strings and numbers -- Arrays -- Exotica
Print Book, English, cop. 2012
No Starch Press, San Francisco, cop. 2012
XXIX, 446 p. : il. ; 24 cm.
9781593273897, 1593273894
Learning the Shell
What Is the Shell?
Exploring the System
Manipulating Files and Directories
Working with Commands
Seeing the World as the Shell Sees It
Advanced Keyboard Tricks
Configuration and the Environment
The Environment
A Gentle Introduction to vi
Customizing the Prompt
Common Tasks and Essential Tools
Package Management
Storage Media
Searching for Files
Archiving and Backup
Regular Expressions
Text Processing
Formatting Output
Compiling Programs
Writing Shell Scripts
Writing Your First Script
Starting a Project
Top-Down Design
Flow Control: Brancing with if
Reading Keyboard Input
Flow Control: Looping with while and until
Flow Control: Branching with case
Positional Parameters
Flow Control: Looping with for
Strings and Numbers