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Victor Horta : the architect of art nouveau

David Dernie (Author), Alastair Carew-Cox (Author, Photographer)
In the decade following the success of his design for the Hôtel Tassel in Brussels in 1893, Victor Horta, the creator of Art Nouveau architecture, produced more than forty buildings--and a movement. Prepared in close collaboration with the Horta Museum, Brussels, 'Victor Horta: The Architect of Art Nouveau' discusses the many influences on Horta's designs and his legacy. The richly ornamental style of Art Nouveau, characterized by fluid lines based on natural forms, expressed a desire to abandon the historical styles of the nineteenth century and to develop a language that was beautifully crafted and thoroughly contemporary, laying the foundations for the development of modernism in architecture and interior design
Print Book, English, 2018
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Thames & Hudson Ltd, London, 2018
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239 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 30 cm
9780500343234, 0500343233
1. Brussels: The Styles Of A New Capital
2. Paris Dawn
3. Belgian Avant-Garde: Les XX And The Fin De Siecle
4. Quest For Originality
5. Dream Rooms: Nostalgia And Light
6. Power Of Material
7. Endless Line: Projected Space
BUILDINGS 1889-1923
Édicule Lambeaux : Parc du Cinquantenaire, Brussels (1889-97)
Hôtel Autrique : 226 Chaussee de Haecht, Brussels (1893-95)
Hôtel Tassel : 6 Rue Paul-Emile Janson, Brussels (1893-94)
Hôtel Frison : 37 Rue Lebeau, Brussels (1894-95)
Hôtel Winssinger : 66 Rue de l'Hôtel des Monnaies, Brussels (1894-97)
Hôtel Solvay : 224 Avenue Louise, Brussels (1894-1903)
Hôtel Van Eetvelde : 4 Avenue Palmerston, Brussels (1895-1901)
Jardin D'Enfants : 40 Rue Saint-Ghislain, Brussels (1895-99)
Maison Du Peuple : Place Émile Vandervelde, Brussels (1895-99; demolished 1965)
Maison and Atelier Horta : 23-25 Rue Américaine, Brussels (1898-1901)
Villa Carpentier : Chaussée de Tournai, Renaix (1899)
Villa Frison : 70 Avenue Circulaire, Uccle (1899-1900)
Maison and Atelier Braecke : 31 Rue de l'Abdication, Brussels (1901-06)
Maison and Atelier Dubois : 80 Avenue Brugmann, Brussels (1901-06)
Hôtel Max Hallet : 346 Avenue Louise, Brussels (1902- 05)
Waucquez Store : 20 Rue des Sables, Brussels (1903-06)
Villa Dubois : Rue de Maradret, Sosoye (1905)
Wolfers Store : 11-13 Rue d'Arenberg, Brussels (1909-12)
Brugmann Hospital : Place Van Gehuchten, Brussels (1906-23)
Horta's Buildings in Brussels
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