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Introduction to combinatorial analysis

John Riordan (Author)
Print Book, English, 2016
Princeton University Press, 2016
258 sidor ; 16.3 cm
9780691643250, 0691643253
*FrontMatter, pg. i*Preface, pg. vii*Contents, pg. xi*Errata, pg. xii*CHAPTER 1. Permutations and Combinations, pg. 1*CHAPTER 2. Generating Functions, pg. 19*CHAPTER 3. The Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion, pg. 50*CHAPTER 4. The Cycles of Permutations, pg. 66*CHAPTER 5. Distributions: Occupancy, pg. 90*CHAPTER 6. Partitions, Compositions, Trees, and Networks, pg. 107*CHAPTER 7. Permutations with Restricted Position I, pg. 163*CHAPTER 8. Permutations with Restricted Position II, pg. 195*Index, pg. 239