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Integrating design and manufacturing for competitive advantage

With more emphasis being placed on the cost and quality of new products and on reducing the lead time to develop them, attention is turning to the increasingly important topic of design for manufacturing (DFM). This involves the collaboration among research and development, manufacturing, and other company functions and is aimed at accelerating the new product development process from product conception to market introduction. A company can create a competitive advantage for itself by managing the process and its related organizational dynamics effectively. This collection of essays focuses on the development of strategic capabilities through use of DFM tools and practices, the role of DFM in specific product development phases, and the social, political, and cultural context within which DFM is introduced
eBook, English, 1992
Oxford University Press, New York, 1992
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Geral I. Suzman: Integrating design and manufacturing for competitive advantage, 3; PART I: STRATEGIC CAPABILITIES: Stephen R. Rosenthal & Mohan V. Tatikonda: Competitive advantage through design tools and practices; Susan Walsh Sanderson: Design for manufacturability in an environment of continuous change; Philip Barkan: Productivity in the process of product development - An engineering perspective;Arnoud De Meyer: The development/manufacturing interface: Empirical analysis of the 1990 European manufacturing futures survey; Gordon V. Shirley: Modular design and the economics of "Design for Manufacturing"; PART II: DFM AND THE NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PROCESS: John E. Ettlie: Concept development effort in manufacturing; E. Allen Slusher & Ronald J. Ebert: Prototypes for managing engineering design processes; Paul S. Adler: Managing DFM: Learning to coordinate product and process design; Paul D. Coughlan: Engineering change and manufacturing engineering deployment in new product development; Kim B. Clark, W. Bruce Chew, & Takahiro Fujimoto: Manufacturing for design: Beyond the production - R&D dichotomy; PART III: SOCIAL, POLITICAL, AND CULTURAL CONTEXT: Gerald I. Susman & James W. Dean, Jr.: Development of a model for predicting design for manufacturability effectiveness; Jeffrey K. Liker & Mitchell Fleischer: Organizational context barriers to DFM; Arthur Francis & Diana Winstanley: The organization and management of engineering design in the U.K.; Gerald I. Susman: Epilogue; Index.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes