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Inquiring after God : classic and contemporary readings

Instead of introducing students to Christian theology through its doctrines, this text introduces it through discussion of church practices and the experience of everyday Christian life. It argues that the goal of inquiring after God should be spiritual growth as well as intellectual understanding.
Print Book, English, 1999
Blackwell Publishers, Malden, MA, 1999
xxx, 346 pages.
9780631205432, 9780631205449, 0631205438, 0631205446
Part I: Christian Catechesis: Initial Formation:. 1. Inquiring After God When Instructing Beginners: Elucidating the Creed. Text: Catechetical Oration of Gregory Nazianzus or Gregory of Nyssa. 2. Inquiring After God When Meditating on Scripture: Practicing God's Word. Text: Bernard of Clairvaux - selected Sermons on the Song of Songs, or Luther's or Calvin's commentaries. 3. Inquiring After God Through Prayer. Text: Maximus Conessor On the Our Father. 4. Inquiring After God Through the Sacraments: Tasting the Kingdom. Text: Tertullian or Cyril of Jerusalem Mystagogical Catechesis. 5. Inquiring After God When Preaching. Text: Augustine's Homilies. Part II: Ongoing Formation: Practicing the Christian Life: . 6. Inquiring After God Through Art: Learning of God and Living With the Saints. Text: Theodore the Studite on The Holy Icons. 7. Inquiring After God Through Experience: Appropriating and Correcting the Faith of the Church. Text: Julian of Norwich Showings. 8. Inquiring After God Through Christian Living: Imitating Christ as Ministry. Text: William Law or John Wesley. 9. Inquiring After God Through Creation: Reasoning as God's Creature. Text: Thomas Aquinas Selection from the Summa Theologiae.