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Guerilla gardening a manualfesto

David Tracey (Author)
A guide to greening cities -- with or without permission.
Print Book, English, 2007
New Society, Gabriola Island, 2007
227 s. illustrations
9780865715837, 0865715831
Introduction; The Big Idea (Or What to Say If Youre Stopped); Where to Start (You DO Live Here So Why Arent You Home By Now?); What to Use (Dont Reinvent the Wheel, Borrow Someones Car); Growing Basics (The Root End Goes Down); Naturescaping 101 (Theres Always Somebody Home in a Habitat); Get Off the Grass (Make It a Meadow); Grow Your Own Community Garden (It Takes a Village to Raise a Turnip); When to Work Within (The Art of Aikido Politics); Start Spreading the News (Information Is Just Fertiliser with Better PR); Conclusion: Where to Go From Here; Index.
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