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Scientific papers of Arthur Holly Compton : x-rays and other studies

Print Book, English, 1973
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1973
xxix, 777 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm
9780226114309, 0226114309
1913: A laboratory method of demonstrating the earth's rotation
1915: A determination of latitude, azimuth, and the length of the day independent of astronomical observations ; Watching the earth revolve ; The distribution of the electrons in atoms ; The variation of the specific heat of solids with temperature
1916: A physical study of the thermal conductivity of solids ; On the location of the thermal energy of solids ; A recording x-ray spectrometer, and the high frequency spectrum of Tugsten
1917: The intensity of x-ray reflection, and the distribution of the electrons in atoms ; The reflection coefficient of monochromatic x-rays from rock salt and calcite ; The nature of the ultimate magnetic particle (with Oswald Rognley)
1918: The size and shape of the electron ; The non-molecular structure of solids ; Note on the grating space of calcite and the x-ray spectrum of gallium
1919: The law of absorption of high frequency radiation (abstract) ; The size and shape of the electron: I. The scattering of high frequency radiation ; A sensitive modification of the quadrant electrometer: its theory and use (with K.T. Compton) ; The size and shape of the electron: II. The absorption of high frequency radiation ; Radio-activity and gravitation
1920: A photoelectric photometer ; Cathode fall in neon ; Radioactivity and the gravitational field ; Is the atom the ultimate magnetic particle?
1921: The absorption of gamma rays by magnetized iron ; Classical electrodynamics and the dissipation of x-ray energy ; Possible magnetic polarity of free electrons
The elementary particle of positive electricity ; The degradation of gamma-ray energy ; The wave-length of hard gamma rays ; The magnetic electron ; Secondary high frequency radiation ; The polarization of secondary x-rays ; A possible origin of the defect of the combination principle in x-rays ; The softening of secondary x-rays
1922: The width of x-ray spectrum lines
The spectrum of secondary x-rays ; The intensity of x-ray reflection from powdered crystals ; Secondary radiations produced by x-rays ; Radiation a form of matter
1923: The luminous efficiency of gases excited by electric discharge ; A quantum theory of the scattering of x-rays by light elements ; The total reflexion of x-rays ; Recoil of electrons from scattered x-rays ; Absorption measurements of the change of wave-length accompanying the scattering of x-rays ; The spectrum of scattered x-rays ; The quantum integral and diffraction by a crystal
1924: A quantum theory of uniform rectilinear motion ; Scattering of x-ray quanta and the J phenomena ; A measurement of the polarization of secondary x-rays ; The recoil of electrons from scattered x-rays ; The wave-length of molybdenum K[alpha] rays when scattered by light elements ; The scattering of x-rays ; A general quantum theory of the wave-length of scattered x-rays
1925: The effect of a surrounding box on the spectrum of scattered x-rays ; Measurements of [beta]-rays associated with scattered x-rays ; The density of rock salt and calcite ; The grating space of calcite and rock salt ; On the mechanism of x-ray scattering
Directed quanta of scattered x-rays ; X-ray spectra from a ruled reflection grating ; Light waves or light bullets?
1926: Electron distribution in sodium chloride
1927: X-rays as a branch of optics ; Coherence of the reflected x-rays from crystals
1928: On the interaction between radiation and electrons ; Some experimental difficulties with the electromagnetic theory of radiation ; The spectrum and state of polarization of fluorescent x-rays ; The corpuscular properties of light
1929: An attempt to detect a unidirectional effect of x-rays ; A new wave-length standard for x-rays ; The efficiency of production of fluorescent x-rays ; What things are made of: I and II ; Compton effect
1930: The determination of electron distributions form measurements of scattered x-rays ; Scattering of x-rays and the distribution of electrons in helium
1931: Electron distribution in argon, and the existence of zero point energy ; The optics of x-rays ; A precision x-ray spectrometer and the wave length of Mo K[alpha]₁ ; The uncertainty principle and free well ; Assault on atoms
1934: The appearance of atoms as determined by X-ray scattering
1935: Incoherent scattering and the concept of discrete electrons
1936: Scattering of x-rays by a spinning electron
1937: An alternative interpretation of Jauncey's "heavy electron" spectra
1940: What we have learned from scattered x-rays ; Physical differences between types of penetrating radiation
1945: Modern physics and the discovery of x-rays
1946: The scattering of x-ray photons
1952: Man's awareness and the limits of physical science
1956: The world of science in the late eighteenth century and today
1961: The scattering of x-rays as particles
Appendix 1: A.H. Compton and O.W. Richardson
Appendix 2: An exchange of letters between A.H. Compton and Gordon Ferrie Hull
Appendix 3: The Compton experiment / by Albert Einstein