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The nature of doctrine : religion and theology in a postliberal age

George A. Lindbeck (Author)
This groundbreaking work lays the foundation for a theology based on a cultural-linguistic approach to religion and a regulative or rule theory of doctrine. Although shaped intimately by theological concerns, this approach is consonant with the most anthropological, sociological, and philosophical thought of our times. According to Lindbeck: "The stimulus for this book comes from the conviction that the doctrinal results of the ecumenical discussions of the last decades make better sense in the context of a cultural-linguistic view of religion and a rule theory of doctrine than in any other framework." In The Nature of Doctrine he addresses the problem of the interrelationship of doctrinal permanence and change, conflict and compatibility, unity and disunity, variety and uniformity among, but especially within, religions. He considers theories of religion both within an ecumenical framework and the wider intellectual and psychosocial context. After demonstrating the appropriateness of the cultural-linguistic approach, he applies it to such interreligious problems as unsurpassability, dialogue, salvation and other faiths, and truth. The test the validity of the theory, Lindbeck addresses problems inherent in understanding the permanence, change, and development of doctrines related to Christology, Mariology, and infallibility. The result of this investigation is an original and provocative contribution to systematic theology that will challenge scholars and students alike
Print Book, English, 1984
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Westminster Press, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1984
142 pages ; 23 cm
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