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Essays on the formal aspects on electromagnetic theory

The book deals with formal aspects of electromagnetic theory from the classical, the semiclassical and the quantum viewpoints in essays written by distinguished scholars from several countries.
Print Book, English, 1993
World Scientific, Singapore, 1993
796 pages
9789810208547, 9810208545
Scalar potential formulations for magnetic field problems, I.R. Ciric; inhomogeneous waves and Maxwell's equations, P. Cornille; calculation of the effective electromagnetic properties of granular materials, C.A. Grimes; atomic theory and radiative transfer, on the basis of nonlinear, classical electrodynamics, D.M. Grimes; drifting ions, J.E Jones; the Maxwell-Dirac isomorphism, H.H. Sallhofer; the gauge invariance, radiation and toroid order parameters in electromagnetic theory, V.M. Dubovik and S.V. Shabanov; electromagnetic phenomena not explained by Maxwell's equations, T.W. Barrett; transverse electromagnetic waves with E II B, H.A. Zaghloul and H.A Buckmaster; universal boundary conditions and Cauchy data for the electromagnetic, M. Idemen; and others.