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Robot path planning and cooperation : foundations, algorithms and experimentations

Anis Koubâa (Author), Hachemi Bennaceur (Author), Imen Chaari (Author), Sahar Trigui (Author), Adel Ammar (Author), Mohamed-Foued Sriti (Author), Maram Alajlan (Author), Omar Cheikhrouhou (Author), Yasir Javed (Author)
This book presents extensive research on two main problems in robotics: the path planning problem and the multi-robot task allocation problem. It is the first book to provide a comprehensive solution for using these techniques in large-scale environments containing randomly scattered obstacles. The research conducted resulted in tangible results both in theory and in practice. For path planning, new algorithms for large-scale problems are devised and implemented and integrated into the Robot Operating System (ROS). The book also discusses the parallelism advantage of cloud computing techniques to solve the path planning problem, and, for multi-robot task allocation, it addresses the task assignment problem and the multiple traveling salesman problem for mobile robots applications. In addition, four new algorithms have been devised to investigate the cooperation issues with extensive simulations and comparative performance evaluation. The algorithms are implemented and simulated in MATLAB and Webots
eBook, English, 2018
Springer, Cham, Switzerland, 2018
1 online resource (XIX, 190 pages) : 61 illustrations, 47 illustrations in color
9783319770406, 9783319770420, 331977042X, 3319770403
Print version:
Part I Global Robot Path Planning
Introduction to Mobile Robot Path Planning
Background on Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Global Path Planning
Design and Evaluation of Intelligent Global Path Planning Algorithms
Integration of Global Path Planners in ROS
Robot Path Planning using Cloud Computing for Large Grid Maps
Part II Multi-Robot Task Allocation
General Background on Multi-Robot Task Allocation
Different Approaches to Solve the MRTA Problem
Performance Analysis of the MRTA Approaches for Autonomous Mobile Robot