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Extreme Programming (XP) is a revolutionary lightweight methodology that's supercharging software development in organizations worldwide. Perfect for small teams producing software with fast-changing requirements, XP can save time and money while dramatically improving quality. In XP Installed, three participants in DaimlerChrysler's breakthrough XP project cover every key practice associated with XP implementation. The book consists of a connected collection of essays, presented in the order the practices would actually be implemented during a project. Ideal as both a start-to-finish tutorial and quick reference, the book demonstrates exactly how XP can promote better communication, quality, control, and predictability. An excellent complement to the best selling Extreme Programming Explained, it also works perfectly on a standalone basis, for any developer or team that wants to get rolling with XP fast
eBook, English, ©2001
Addison-Wesley, Boston, ©2001
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9780201708424, 0201708426
Foreword. Preface.  1. Extreme Programming.  2. The Circle of Life.  3. On-Site Customer.  4. User Stories.  5. Acceptance Tests. Sidebar: Acceptance Test Samples.  6. Story Estimation. Interlude: Sense of Completion.  7. Small Releases.  8. Customer Defines Release.  9. Iteration Planning. 10. Quick Design Session. 11. Programming. Sidebar: Code Quality. 12. Pair Programming. 13. Unit Tests. Sidebar: xUnit. 14. Test First, by Intention. 15. Releasing Changes. 16. Do or Do Not. 17. Experience Improves Estimates. 18. Resources, Scope, Quality, Time. 19. Steering. 20. Steering the Iteration. 21. Steering the Release. 22. Handling Defects. Sidebar: Advanced Issue: Defect Databases. Sidebar: Advanced Practice: Tests as Database. 23. Conclusion. Bonus Tracks. 24. We'll Try. 25. How to Estimate Anything. 26. Infrastructure. 27. It's Chet's Fault. 28. Balancing Hopes and Fears. 29. Testing Improves Code. 30. XPer Tries Java. 31. A Java Perspective. 32. A True Story. 33. Estimates and Promises. 34. Everything That Could Possibly Break. Afterword. Annotated Bibliography. Index. 0201708426T04062001