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The lost Polar notebook of Dr. Frederick A. Cook

On September 1, 1909, the veteran American explorer Dr. Frederick A. Cook, wired the unexpected news that on April 21, 1908, he had attained the North Pole, the greatest geographical prize left on earth. His landing at Copenhagen touched off a frenzy of adulation, ending with him heaped in honors. The drama increased when word arrived that Robert E. Peary, after 23 years of intermittent arctic expeditions, had reached the North Pole on April 6, 1909. A few days later Peary intimated that Cook's story should not be taken seriously and before the week was out declared that his rival had simply "handed the world a gold brick." Thus began the greatest geographical dispute of all time. "The Polar Controversy" was front page news for the better part of four months and has been argued over ever since
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