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Radiographic imaging for the dental team

From the Publisher: Fully revised and up to date, the 4th edition of this trusted, all-in-one work-text helps you effectively acquire, process, and review dental radiographs and ensure successful patient outcomes. Learn and apply essential imaging techniques with ease while staying up-to-date on the latest technology and the most current practices in dental radiography. Concise, easy-to-read chapters detail the complete spectrum of radiographic imaging, supported by valuable review material to help you solidify your understanding of key concepts and prepare for professional success! Study questions at the end of each chapter help you assess your knowledge and identify areas requiring further review. Glossary of radiographic terms presents essential terms and definitions in one convenient place. Updated photographs and illustrations reflect the most current tools and technology in the field. Chapter on implant and extraoral imaging helps you better understand the link between these two related techniques and ensure the most accurate image evaluation. Design and chapter organization make content more accessible and inviting. Companion Evolve website reinforces your understanding with review activities and practice exams
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4th ed
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xii, 329 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 26 cm
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1: Intraoral Radiographic Technique
Before you begin
Intraoral radiographic techniques
Types of radiographic surveys
Intraoral radiography: basic principles
Paralleling technique
Helpful hints for intraoral imaging
Infection control
2: Image Processing And Quality Assurance
Film composition
Film speed
Latent image formation
Concepts of film processing
Technical aspects of film processing
Chemical composition of solutions
Care of solutions
Automatic film processing
Troubleshooting: diagnosing processing errors
Mounting films
Duplicating films
Infection control for processing films or phosphor plates
3: Film Mounting And Normal Radiographic Anatomy
Mounting dental radiographs
Teeth and adjacent structures
Maxillary and mandibular anatomic landmarks
4: X-Ray Properties And The Generation Of X Rays
Discovery of X Rays
Properties of X Rays
Components of a dental X-Ray tube
Production of X Rays
5: Radiation Biology And Protection
Effects of radiation on molecules
Effects of radiation on cells
Units of radiation measurement
Amounts of radiation used in dental radiography
Risk versus benefit of dental radiographic images
Radiation protection for the patient
Radiation protection for the operator
Risk management and dental imaging
6: Image Characteristics
Visual qualities of an X-Ray image
Geometric characteristics
7: Digital imaging
What is a digital image?
Types of digital imaging systems
Digital image processing
Digital image properties
Digital imaging applications
8: Panoramic Imaging
Equipment for film-based extraoral imaging
Equipment for direct digital panoramic imaging
Panoramic imaging principles
Cone beam panoramic projections
9: Trouble-Shooting Technique And Processing Errors
Errors in exposure technique
Processing errors
Additional miscellaneous errors
10: Accessory Radiographic Techniques And Patient Management
Bisecting-angle technique
Occlusal imaging
Pediatric imaging techniques
Edentulous radiographic techniques
Endodontic imaging techniques
Localization techniques
Patient management
Patients with disabilities
Anatomic considerations
11: Extraoral, Specialized, And Implant Imaging
Lateral oblique jaw projections
Cephalometric projections
Temporomandibular joint views
Maxillary sinuses
12: Basics Of Interpretation: Normal Versus Abnormal And Common Radiographic Presentation Of Lesions
Detection of disease or other abnormal conditions
Basic viewing principles
Describing abnormal conditions
Interpretation of abnormalities
Radiographic changes resulting from dental caries
Radiographic changes resulting from periodontal disease
Radiographic changes resulting from periapical infection
Radiographic changes resulting from trauma
Radiographic features of dental anomalies
Radiographic signs of disease
Glossary of radiologic terms
Revised edition of: Radiographic imaging for dental auxiliaries / Dale A. Miles [and others]. 3rd ed. c1999