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Selected poetry

This selection represents the full range of Blake's accomplishment as a poet, ranging from early Poetical Sketches to late lyrics and including such major works as "The Book of Thel", "Songs of Innocence", "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" and "Songs of Experience".
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Lyrics from Poetical sketches (1783)
King Edward the third (1783)
Lyrics of c.1784
All religions are one (c.1788)
There is no natural religion (c.1788)
Tiriel (c.1789)
From Blake's annotations to Swedenborg (c.1789)
The book of Thel (c.1789)
Songs of innocence (1789)
The marriage of heaven and hell (1790)
Visions of the daughters of Albion (1793)
America, a prophecy (1793)
Manuscript lyrics between Innocence and Experience
Songs of experience (1793)
Europe, a prophecy (1794). From Blake's annotations to Boyd's Dante (c.1800)
'To my friend Butts' (1800)
'With happiness stretched across the hills' (1802)
Manuscript lyrics of the Felpham years (1800-1803)
Milton (1804) (extracts)
Auguries of innocence (c.1804)
Jerusalem (1804-18) (extracts)
The everlasting gospel (c.1818)
From Blake's annotations to Berkeley's Siris (c.1820)
Late lyrics
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