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Theories of social order : a reader

Linking classical texts on social order with contemporary theoretical extensions and recent empirical research, Theories of Social Order emphasizes the role of causal mechanisms in explanations of real-world phenomena. Please visit the Social Order textbook website to see supplemental materials for students and instructors.
eBook, English, ©2003
Stanford Social Sciences, Stanford, Calif., ©2003
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PART I: WHAT IS THEORY?: A: THEORY IS EXPLANATION: Explanation in the social sciences / George C. Homans
B: MOTIVES AND MECHANISMS: Types of social action / Max Weber
PART II: SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEM OF THE SOCIAL ORDER: C: THE PROBLEM OS SOCIAL ORDER: The moral basis of a backward society / Edward C. Banfield
D: MEANING: The problem of consciousness / Karl Marx
The origin of beliefs / Emile Durkheim
Genesis and development of a scientific fact / Ludwik Fleck
Play, the game, and the generalized order / George Herbert Mead
Meanings of violencee / Dov Cohen and Joe Vandello
E: VALUES AND NORMS: Civilization and its discontents / Sigmund Freud
Egoistic suicide / Emile Durkheim
Anomic suicide / Emile Durkheim
Explaining the emergence of norms / Christine Horne
Behavior in public places / Erving Goffman
Altruistic punishment in humans / Ernst Fehr and Simon Gaachter
F: POWER AND AUTHORITY: Leviathan / Thomas Hobbes
The origin of the states / Friedrich Engels
The types of legitimate domination / Max Weber
Learning to labor / Paul Willis == G: SPONTANEOUS ORDER: Cosmos and taxis / Friedrich A. Hayek
Micromotives and macrobehavior / Thomas C. Schelling
The division of labor / Adam Smith
The evolution of cooperation / Robert Axelrod
The live-and-let-live system in trench warfare in World War I / Robert Axelrod
H: GROUPS AND NETWORKS: The web of group-affiliations / Georg Simmel
The strength of weak ties / Mark S. Granovetter
Trust, cohesion, and the social order / Ernest Gellner
Individualism and free institutions / Alexis de Tocqueville
The attainment of social order in heterogenous societies / Michael Hechter, Debra Friedman, and Satoshi Kanazawa
I: CONCLUSION Free eBook from the Internet Archive Additional information and access via Open Library