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And the war came : the slavery quarrel and the American Civil War

"This detailed account of slavery in America, from Jamestown through the Civil War, explains its economic importance in the North as well as the South, its impact on the political dynamics of the Civil War, and the moral dilemmas it posed"--Provided by publisher
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And the War Came; And the War Came; by Donald J. Meyers; Table of Contents; Prologue. Eight Thousand Years of Slavery; 1. The Declaration: Liberty, but Not for All; 2. Uniting Around a Constitution, At a Cost; 3. The Missouri Compromise; 4. A Besieged South Circles the Wagons; 5. The "Gag" Rule Fight; 6. The Kansas-Nebraska Act: One Party Dead, The Other Split; 7. Abraham Lincoln in Illinois; 8. The Lincoln-Douglas Debates: A Dark Horse; 9. Lincoln Elected, Seven States Defected; 10. An Act of War; 11. First Battle of Bull Run: Disillusion and Frustration 12. The Battle of Shiloh: Large-Scale Killing Shocks the Nation13. The Peninsula Campaign: McClellan spooked by Lee; 14. Second Bull Run and Antietam: Opportunity Squandered; 15. Slaughter at Fredericksburg, Jubilee with Emancipation; 16. The Battle of Chancellorsville: Lincoln's Depression Grows; 17. Gettysurg and Vicksburg: The Writing on the Wall; 18. The Battles of Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge: General Grant; 19. Atlanta and McPherson Fall: Something Went Out of the War; 20. Confederate Disaster in Tennessee, And the 13th Amendment; 21. Lee Surrenders at Appomattox 22. Lincoln Assassinated, His Severe Task Done23. Abraham Lincoln: The Man John Quincy Adams was Looking For; Selected Bibliography; Index
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