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A royal priesthood? : the use of the Bible ethically and politically : a dialogue with Oliver O'Donovan

"A Royal Priesthood? is the third volume from the Scripure and Hermeneutics Seminar. This annual gathering of Christian scholars from various disciplines was established in 1998 and aims to reassess the discipline of biblical studies from the foundations up and forge creative new ways for reopening the Bible in our cultures. Any attempt to open the Book in new and fresh ways for our cultures at the start of the third millennium must explore how to read the Bible ethically and politically. This volume looks at the obstocles to such a process and in dialogue with Oliver O'Donovan's creative work in this regard, looks in detail at how to read different parts of the Bible for ethics and politics. A unique element of the book is Oliver O'Donovan's 14 responses to individual chapters. Book jacket."--Jaquette
Print Book, English, 2002
Paternoster Press, Carlisle, Cumbria, 2002
445 p : ill.
9780310234135, 9781842270677, 0310234131, 1842270672
Contributors xv Preface xix Abbreviations xxi The Artists xxiii Introduction 1 Craig G.Bartholomew Introduction:A Royal Priesthood 1 The Cover and Goya 's The Third of May 3 Obstacles to Reading the Bible Ethically and Politically 7 How Has the Bible Been Used Ethically?12 O 'Donovan 's Biblical,Theological Ethics 19 O 'Donovan 's Reading of the Bible for Politics 26 O 'Donovan 's Biblical Hermeneutic 34 This Volume 39 1.The Use of Scripture in The Desire 46 of the Nations R.W.L.Moberly O 'Donovan 's Scriptural Hermeneutic 47 General Issues of Scriptural Hermeneutics 49 Cui Bono?What is at Stake in this Discussion?60 2.Response to Walter Moberly 65 Oliver O 'Donovan 3.Law and Monarchy in the Old Testament 69 J.Gordon McConville Locating Israel 's History 70 Deuteronomy and David/Zion in the Old Testament Story 73 Deuteronomy as Critique of the Zion-Davidic Synthesis 75 Deuteronomy as a 'Constitution '?78 Deuteronomy,Government and Creation 79 Implications for O 'Donovan 's Thesis 80 The Zion-Davidic Theology Beyond Deuteronomy 84 4.Response to Gordon McConville 89 Oliver O 'Donovan 5.A Time for War and a Time for Peace: Old Testament Wisdom,Creation and O 'Donovan 's Theological Ethics 91 Craig G.Bartholomew Introduction 91 Creation Order 91 Epistemology 101 Wisdom and Politics 104 Conclusion 110 6.Response to Craig Bartholomew 113 Oliver O 'Donovan 7.The Power of the Future in the Present: Eschatology and Ethics in O 'Donovan and Beyond 116 M.Daniel Carroll R. Introduction 116 Old Testament Ethics and Eschatology 117 Eschatology in the Ethics of O 'Donovan 120 The Demands on Eschatology in Latin America 128 Contributions from the Books of Isaiah and Amos 131 Conclusion 139 8.Response to Daniel Carroll R.144 Oliver O 'Donovan 9.Power,Judgement and Possession: John 's Gospel in Political Perspective 147 Andrew T.Lincoln Va r iations on Old Testament Judgement Themes 150 Power and Judgement in Jesus 'Mission 151 Power and Judgement in the Trial before Pilate 155 Power and Judgement in the Death and Resurrection of Jesus 158 Possession and Community Identity 159 Justice,Truth and Life 164 10.Response to Andrew Lincoln 170 Oliver O 'Donovan 11.Paul and Caesar: A New Reading of Romans 173 N.T.Wright Introduction 173 A Fresh Perspective?175 Initial Comments 177 Towards a Multi-Dimensional Fresh Reading of Paul 180 New Creation,New Covenant:The Heart of Romans 188 Conclusion 191 12.Response to N.T.Wright 194 Oliver O 'Donovan 13.'Members of One Another ': Charis ,Ministry and Representation: A Politico-Ecclesial Reading of Romans 12 196 Bernd Wannenwetsch Ecclesiology and Politics 196 Paraklesis :The Genuine Political Speech Act of the Church 200 The Transformation of the Body 204 Members of One Another:The Representation of Charis and Ministry 210 Representation and Political Society 214 14.Response to Bernd Wannenwetsch 221 Oliver O 'Donovan 15.The Function of Romans 13 in Christian Ethics 225 Gerrit de Kruijf Introduction 225 Two Visions of the Relation Between Government and God in Romans 13 229 Judgement and the Paradigmatic Political Act 234 16.Response to Gerrit de Kruijf 238 Oliver O 'Donovan 17.The Apocalypse and Political Theology 241 Christopher Rowland Oliver O 'Donovan on the Apocalypse 242 The United States of America,the Beast and Babylon 244 Contrasting Interpretations of the Apocalypse 247 Practical Engagement in Political Theology in the Light of the Apocalypse 249 18.Response to Christopher Rowland 255 Oliver O 'Donovan 19.Ethics and Exegesis:A Great Gulf ?259 Gilbert Meilaender 20.Political Eschatology and Responsible Government:Oliver O 'Donovan 's 'Christian Liberalism '265 Jonathan Chaplin Introduction 265 Christian Liberalism 269 Christianity and Liberal Society 272 Christian Political Liberalism 275 After Christian Liberalism 283 O 'Donovan 's 'Dispensationalist Political Eschatology ': Critical Reflections 290 21.Response to Jonathan Chaplin 309 Oliver O 'Donovan 22.Revisiting Christendom:A Crisis of Legitimization 314 Colin J.D.Greene The Reign of God and the Concept of Authority 315 Jesus:Lord of Lords 321 The Early Church 323 Romans 13 324 The Christendom Settlement 325 The Christendom Settlement in the West 329 Revisiting Christendom 332 Conclusion 336 23.Response to Colin Greene 341 Oliver O 'Donovan 24.'Return to the Vomit of "Legitimation "'?: Scriptural Interpretation and the Authority of the Poor 344 Peter Scott Authority of the Poor and the Poverty of Authority 344 The Argument of this Paper 347 Attending to Legitimation:True Speech and Ideology 350 Praxis and Knowledge 354 Christ and Political Order 358 In Jesus Christ,a Revolution 362 Scriptural,Practical Reasoning?366 25.Response to Peter Scott 374 Oliver O 'Donovan 26.A Timely Conversation with The Desire of the Nations on Civil Society,Nation and State 377 Joan Lockwood O 'Donovan The 'Romantic ',the 'Civic 'and the 'Functional 'Nation 379 The Nation as a Theological Construct 384 27.Response to Joan Lockwood O 'Donovan 395 Oliver O 'Donovan 28.Acting Politically in Biblical Obedience?398 James W.Skillen Introduction 398 Welfare Policy and Religious Freedom 398 Action on Welfare Reform and Reading the Bible 400 Reading O 'Donovan 402 Church,Society and Rulers 405 Romans 13 410 History and the State 413 Conclusion 416 29.Response to James W.Skillen 418 Oliver O 'Donovan University of Gloucestershire,Theology and Religious Studies 421 The British and Foreign Bible Society 423 Baylor University 425 Scripture Index 426 Name Index 430 Subject Index 436
Scripture and hermeneutics consultation on the use of the Bible ethically and politically, held at Glenfall House in Cheltenham from 25 to 27 June 2001