Front cover image for Mission to the world : communicating the gospel in the 21st century : essays in honour of Knud Jørgensen

Mission to the world : communicating the gospel in the 21st century : essays in honour of Knud Jørgensen

Print Book, English, 2008
Egede Instituttet, [Oslo], 2008
472 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
9781870345644, 1870345649
1. Mission to the world : in word and deed. Background and emergence of Norwegian missions : historical sketch and brief outlook / Jan-Martin Berentsen
How can a folk church be missional church? / Hans Raun Iversen
Migration and conversion : the conversion of immigrants to Christianity in a Danish context / Mogens S. Mogensen
Inculturation and identity : a reflection on Chinese Christianity and mission / Tai Ho-fai
"Going global" : a reflection on being a Western Christian in a global church / Kjetil Aano
International diakonia / Kjell Nordstokke
Mission and contemplation : mission spirituality in the 21st century / Tore Laugerud
Spirituality in the Chinese context / Ekman Pui Chuen Tam
The never ending song : the contextualization of Chinese Christian hymnody / Thor Strandenæs
2. Communicating the gospel in the 21st century. Intercultural communication in mission : a tool or a goal? : missionary methodology in view of developments in intercultural communication / Øyvind Økland
Are we to take a religion or a faith? / Charles H. Kraft
Holistic contextualization : ensuring that every facet of Christian faith is localized / A. Scott Moreau
Whose book is it, by the way? : an aspect of popular and scholarly strategies for interpreting the Bible in Africa / Knut Holter
The southern phase of Christianity : the contribution of the global South to the church in the global North / Roar G. Fotland
Christianity and society in today's China : from a perspective of experimental study / Gao Shining
Clash of civilizations, or contract of cultures? / He Guanghu
Commonalities emanating from religious scripture / Kjell Magne Bondevik
Christian spirituality challenged by Eastern wisdom : why do Western Christians go East when the East goes global? / Notto Reidar Thelle
Tao Fong Shan : what have we done? : reflections on the post-war search for a new identity / Rolv Olsen
Including gender perspective in Muslim-Christian dialogue in Europe and Scandinavia : a disturbance to bridge-building or a contextual necessity? / Anne Hege Grung
3. Leadership and training in mission. Women leaders in mission / Kristin Norseth
Leadership and ministry : an Evangelical-Lutheran view / Kjell Olav Sannes
Preparing leaders for an "emerging" church / Eddie Gibbs
Leadership development : systems development and individual formation / Jørn Lemvik
Transition of leadership / Dag Håkon Eriksen
Formation for ministry and mission : reflections on vocational spirituality / Ole Christian M. Kvarme
Are you called or just personally motivated? : recruiting for mission / Ingrid Eskilt
Theological education and mission / Vidar Leif Haanes
Teaching in a secular university / Viggo Mortensen
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