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Internet-enabled business intelligence

In addition to describing the web-enabled data warehouse, and its functionalities, this book will discuss the key technologies used to build these technologies, such as Java, and XML.
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Acknowledgments. Introduction. I. THE SOLUTION. 1. The Solution. 2. Evolution to e-Enterprise. The Internet: Hype or Hope? Building the Internet. The Evolution to e-Commerce. The Internet Marketplace. Conclusion.3. Internet-Enabled Business Intelligence. Intelligence. Anatomy of Business Intelligence. Conclusion.II. MAKING THE INTERNET WORK. 4. The Web-Enabled Information Infrastructure. 5. Servers: The Heart of IEBI. The Server. The Mainframe. Client/Server Architecture: The Upstart Crow. The Internet. The Oracle 9 Internet Application Server. Conclusion.6. The Internet Network. Standards Bodies. The ISO/OSI Reference Model. IEEE 802 Specifications. TCP/IP. Talking Over the Internet. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. Conclusion.III. THE SOFTWARE OF THE INTERNET. 7. Empowering the Internet-Enabled Information Infrastructure. 8. Java. Object Orientation. The Java Programming Language. Introduction to the Java Platform. Java Specification Request (JSR). JavaBeans. Conclusion.9. eXtensible Markup Language. The Origins of XML. XML as a Medium of Exchange. The All-Powerful Wizard of XML. Parsers: Nothing Happens Until Someone Sells Something. XSL: The Internet's Rosetta Stone. XML in the Real World. Conclusion.10. Common Warehouse Metadata. What Is Metadata? Metadata and IEBI. Types of Metadata. The Central Metadata Repository. Enterprise Data Model. OMG & OMA. Common Warehouse Metadata Interchange. The CWMI Architecture. XML Metadata Interchange. Summary.IV. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS OVER THE INTERNET. 11. Look Outward Angel. 12. CRM in the Internet Age. The Customer-Driven Organization. The Ultimate in Customer-Driven. CRM in the Internet Age. Conclusion.13. Swimming in the Clickstream. The Importance of Customer Identification. Understanding Customer Behavior in the Internet Age. The Clickstream. Cookies. Conclusion.14. Personalization. Defining Personalization. Data Mining. The Data Mining Process. Summary.15. The Road Goes Ever Onward. One Last Visit with Billy Boy. Web Services. Go Gently Into that Dark Night. Summary.Appendix A. Recommended Reading. Appendix B. Glossary. Index.
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