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Surviving sexism in academia: strategies for feminist leadership

This interdisciplinary collection document and analyze everyday sexism in the academy and offer up strategies for survival (part storytelling, part auto-ethnography, part action plan)
Print Book, English, 2017
Routledge, New York, 2017
315 p. ill.
9781138696846, 1138696846
Preface: ""I’m Afraid This Will Hurt Me": Addressing Sexism in Higher Education"AcknowledgmentsSection 1: Mapping the ChallengesDis/Locations 1. "Surviving Secism in Academia: Identifying, Understanding, and Responding to Sexism in Academia" Heather Maldonado and John Draeger 2. "Remodeling Shared Governance: Feminist Decision-Making and Resistance to Academic Neoliberalism" Kirsti Cole, Holly Hassel, and Eileen E. Schell 3. "Exploring the Decision to Pursue a Career in Higher Education Administration: An Analysis of Gendered Constraints and Opportunities" Shelly Schaefer Hinck, Salma Ghanem, Ashley Hinck, and Sara Kitsch 4. "Do We Really Want the Flies That We Might Catch? Interrogating "Post-Feminist" Lessons for "Success" Heather Hill-Vasquez and Laurie Ann Britt-Smith 5. "Understanding Leadership with Women Community College Executives" Hawa Ghaus-Kelley and Nathan R. Durdella6. "The Problem with the Phrase "Women and Minorities": Racism and Sexism Intersectionality for Black Women Faculty" E-K. DaufinDisciplinary Contexts7. "STEM Education in Japan: Examining the Pipeline for Female Leadership" Diane Rodriguez-Kiino, Yuko Itatsu, and Yuko Takahashi 8. "For the Love of the Feminist Killjoy: Solving Philosophy’s Woman White Male Problem" Melissa M. Kozma and Jeanine Weekes Schroer9. "Writing Gown: The Challenges of Making a New Artwork about Sexism in Academia" Susan Diab10. "Suck It Up, Buttercup! Or, Why Cu*ts Leave STEM" Kathryn Northcut11. "Beyond the Old Boys Club? Gender Relations at UW-Madison Geography from the 1970s to the Present" Heather Rosenfeld12. "From Feminized to Feminist Labor: Strategies for Creating Feminist Working Conditions in Composition" Jennifer Heinert and Cassandra Phillips13. "Surviving Sexism to Inspire Change: Stories and Reflections from Mothers on the Tenure Track" Krystia Nora, Rochelle Gregory, Ann-Marie Lopez, and Nicole A. WilliamsEmbodied Gender14. "On the Edge of Knowing: Microaggression and Epistemic Uncertainty as a Woman of Color" Saba Fatima15. ""I Have Always Felt Like a Trespasser": Life Histories from Latina Staff Members in Higher Education" Mary Louise Gomez16. "Mother-Scholars: Thinking and Being in Higher Education" Yvette Lapayese17. "Catcalled in the Cafeteria: Managing and Teaching through Sexism from Students" Carol L. Glasser18. "Dress for Success: Dismantling Politics of Dress in Academia" Katie MantheySection 2: Feminist Strategies for ActionChanging Material Conditions19. "The Aftermath of Activism: Combatting and Surviving Sexism at One Southern University" Laura Jennings and Lizabeth Zack 20. "Professors and (M)Others: Smashing the "Maternal Wall"" Michelle Rodino-Colocino, Molly Niesen, Safiya Umoja Noble, and Christine Quail21. "Motherhood and Leadership in Academia: Getting Beyond Personal Survival Mode" Diane M. Hodge22. "Organic Mentorship: A Feminist Model to Support Scholars and Leaders," Jen Almjeld, Meg McGuire, and Kristine L. Blair 23. "Career Navigation of Female Leaders in Higher Education: The Importance of the Mentor-Protégé Relationship" Missy Skurzewski-Servant and Marilyn J. Bugenhagen24. "Mentoring Women in Technical Communication: Building Safe Spaces through an Affective Mentoring Model" Kristen Moore, Lisa Meloncon, and Patricia Sullivan Changing Ideologies25. ""You Are Too Blunt, Too Ambitious, Too Confident": Cultural Messages that Undermine Women’s Paths to Advancement and Leadership in Academia and Beyond" Anna Grigoryan26. "Writing to Resist: Storying the Self and Audit Culture in Higher Education" Jessica Moriarty27. "Rhetorics of Interruption: Navigating Sexism in the Academy" Elise Verzosa Hurley, Amanda Wray, and Erica Cirillo-McCarthy28. "Overcoming the Department Bully: Women, Men, and Collaboration" Karla S. McCain29. "Reembodying the Positionality of MiddleMAN Administrators in Higher Education" Bre Garrett, Aurora Matzke, and Sherry Rankins-Robertson30. "We Are All Needed: Feminist Rhetorical Strategies for Building Trust Among Colleagues" Sara Hillin31. "The Bullying We Don’t Talk About: Women Bullying Women in the Academy" Fran Sepler 32. "Infographic"List of ContributorsIndex