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A companion to nineteenth-century Britain

Presents 33 essays on the major aspects of the political, social, economic and cultural history of Britain during the late Georgian and Victorian eras. This book focuses on the experiences of women as well as of men.
eBook, English, [2007?]
Blackwell Pub., [Malden, Mass.], [2007?]
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9780631225799, 9781405143097, 9780470997147, 9781405156790, 063122579X, 1405143096, 0470997141, 1405156791
Available in another form:
Britain and the world economy / Anthony Howe
Britain and the European balance of power / John R. Davis
Britain and empire / Douglas M. Peers
The armed forces / Edward M. Spiers
The monarchy and the House of Lords : the 'dignified' parts of the constitution / William M. Kuhn
The state / Philip Harling
Political leadership and political parties, 1800-1846 / Michael J. Turner
Political leadership and political parties, 1846-1900 / Michael J. Turner
Parliamentary reform and the electorate / Michael S. Smith
Politics and gender / Sarah Richardson
Political thought / Gregory Claeys
Agriculture and rural society / Michael Winstanley
Industry and transport / William J. Ashworth
Urbanization / Simon Gunn
The family / Shani D'Cruze
Migration and settlement / Ian Whyte
Standard of living, quality of life / Jane Humphries
Class and the classes / Martin Hewitt
Economic thought / Noel Thompson
Religion / Mark A. Smith
Literacy, learning, and education / Philip Gardner
The press and the printed word / Aled Jones
Crime, policing, and punishment / Heather Shore
Popular leisure and sport / Andy Croll
Health and medicine / Keir Waddington
Sexuality / Lesley A. Hall
The arts / Patricia Pulham
The sciences / Iwan Rhys Morus
Politics in Ireland / Christine Kinealy
Economy and society in Ireland / Christine Kinealy
Scotland / E.W. McFarland
Wales / Matthew Cragoe
British identities / Chris Williams
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