Front cover image for Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln : by distinguished men of his time

Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln : by distinguished men of his time

Allen Thorndike Rice (Editor)
eBook, English, 1889, ©1888
North American Review, New York, 1889, ©1888
1 online resource (lxix, 13, 656 pages, [24] leaves of plates : illustrations, facsimiles, portraits
Introduction / Allen Thorndike Rice
General Ulysses S. Grant
Hon. Elihu B. Washburne, Ex-Minister to France
Hon. George W. Julian, Ex-Member of Congress
Hon. R.E. Fenton, Ex-Governor of New York
Hon. J.P. Usher, Ex-Secretary of the Interior
Hon. George S. Boutwell, Ex-Secretary of the Treasury
General Benjamin F. Butler, Ex-Governor of Massachusetts
Charles Carlton Coffin, war correspondent of the "Boston Journal"
Frederick Douglas, Ex-United States Marshal of the District of Columbia
Judge Lawrence Weldon, U.S. Court of Claims
Benjamin Perley Poore, Washington correspondent of the "Boston Journal"
Titian J. Coffey, United States Assistant Attorney-General
Rev. Henry Ward Beecher
Hon. William D. Kelley, Member of Congress
Hon. Cassius M. Clay, Ex-Minister to Russia
Col. Robert G. Ingersoll
A.H. Markland, Ex-Third-Assistant Postmaster-General
Hon. Schuyler Colfax, Ex-Vice-President of the United States
Hon. Daniel W. Voorhees, United States Senator for Indiana
Hon. Charles A. Dana, editor "New York Sun"
Hon. John A. Kasson, Ex-Minister to Austria
General James B. Fry
Hon. Hugh McCulloch, Ex-Secretary of the Treasury
Hon. Chauncey M. Depew, President New York Central Railroad
David R. Locke (Petroleum V. Nasby)
Leonard Sweet (Lincoln's story of his own life)
Walt Whitman
Donn Piatt
E.W. Andrews
James C. Welling
John Conness
John B. Alley, Senator from Massachusetts
Thomas Hicks, National Academician
Biographical sketches
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