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On moral business : classical and contemporary resources for ethics in economic life

An invaluable resources for the study of the relation of business, economics, ethics, and religion
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Part A : classical resources
Part B : modern debates
Part C : contemporary development. Introduction: Foundations and purposes / Max L. Stackhouse
1. THE HEBREW SCRIPTURES : Biblical principles for economic theory and practice / George Monsma
CREATION AND FALL: Genesis 1:1-4:1; 4:17-26 ; Scarcity, Faith, and Wisdom / Barry Gordon
EXODUS AND COVENANT: Exodus 6:2-10; 15:19-21 ; The birth of the covenant / Paul D. Hanson ; The Ten Commandments: Economic implications / Max L. Stackhouse
PROPHECY AND WISDOM: Deuteronomy 15:1-23 ; Sirach 26:29-27:4; 29:8-17; 31:1-11; 38:24-34 ; Property and riches in the Old Testament and Judaism / Martin Hengel
2. THE NEW TESTAMENT : The use of the New Testament in social ethics / Stephen Charles Mott
MATTHEW'S SERMON ON THE MOUNT: Matthew 5-7 ; Ethical implications of the Sermon on the Mount / Lisa Sowle Cahill
MATTHEW'S PARABLES: Matthew 25:1-46 ; Work as stewardship / Leland Ryken
LUKE'S POOR: Wealth and poverty in the New Testament world / Bruce J. Malina
PAUL AND THE LETTERS: From the Jesus Movement to the urban Christians / Justo Gonzalez
THE STUDY OF THE NEW TESTAMENT HOUSEHOLD: Christian mission, patriarchal order and the household / Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza
TOWARD A SUMMARY OF IMPLICATIONS: What then shall we do? On using Scripture in economic ethics / Max L. Stackhouse
3. ANCIENT PHILOSOPHERS : PLATO: On the myth of the ring and the economics of the city ; ARISTOTLE: On the management of the household and the perils of trade ; CICERO: On justice, law, and nature ; PLOTINUS: On true happiness
4. THE CATHOLIC THEOLOGICAL TRADITIONS : CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA: Who is the rich man that shall be saved?
CYPRIAN: On works and alms
AUGUSTINE: On good and evil
BENEDICT: The rule of Saint Benedict
THOMAS AQUINAS: Of justice, and of cheating
5. THE REFORMATION TRADITIONS : Martin Luther: Trade and Usury
John Calvin: The moral law and the Christian life
RADICAL REFORMERS: STADLER AND WINSTANLEY: The true community of the saints / Ulrich Stadler
The true leveller's standard advanced / Gerrard Winstanley and others
John Wesley: The use of money. PART B: MODERN DEBATES
6. ENLIGHTENMENT THEORIES : John Locke: Of property
Adam Smith: Of the causes of improvement
John Stuart Mill: Private property and its critics
IMMANUEL KANT: The principles of the external mine and thine / Immanuel Kant ; Two principles of justice / John Rawls
G.W.F. Hegel: Introduction to the philosophy of history
Karl Marx: The manifesto of the Communist Party (with Friedrich Engels)
7. RELIGION AND MODERNIZATION : ON THE PROTESTANT ETHIC: Asceticism and the spirit of capitalism / Max Weber
ON TIME: Of time: Work, prayer, and monks / David Landes
ON LAW: Theological sources of the Western legal tradition / Harold J. Berman
ON USURY: On the taking of interest / Benjamin N. Nelson
ON TECHNOLOGY: Puritanism, pietism, and science / Robert Merton
ON DIFFERENTIATION: Christianity and society / Talcott Parsons
8. SOCIALISM, CAPITALISM, AND CHRISTIANITY : Charles C. West: Marxism and Christianity
Andrew Carnegie: The administration of wealth
John A. Ryan: The church and the workingman
Reinhold Niebuhr: Marx, Barth, and Israel's prophets
James W. Skillen: Human freedom, social justice, and Marxism: A Biblical response
Peter J. Parish: Slavery, capitalism, and religion
Janet Thomas: Women and capitalism: Oppression or Emancipation?
Gustavo Gutierrez: Liberation and development
David Martin: Religion and economic culture
Peter L. Berger: Social ethics in a post-socialist world
9. ECONOMICS AROUND THE WORLD : ISLAM: Surahs from the Qur'an ; Dealings / Mahmud Shaltaut ; Islam and the spirit of capitalism / Robert Hefner ; Islamic banking: Faith and creativity / Ken Brown
HINDUISM: Artha Shastra / Kautiliya ; Tirukkural / Tiruvalluvar ; Indian socialism / Jawaharlal Nehru ; The Hindu ethic and development: Western views / Max L. Stackhouse
BUDDHISM, ASCETICISM, AND WEALTH: Teachings from the Suttas ; Buddhist attitudes toward poverty and wealth / Phra Rajavaramuni ; Zen and the economic animal / Yamamoto Shichihei ; Buddhist economics / E.F. Schumacher
THE CHINESE PHILOSOPHY: Sayings of Confucius ; Neo-Confucian teachings of Ch'eng Hao ; The dialectical outlook / Mao Tse-Tung ; Is Confucianism part of the capitalist ethic? / Wei-ming Tu
AFRICAN TRADITIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS: Wisdom from African traditions ; On the division between rich and poor / Julius K. Nyerere ; A surprising silent majority in South Africa / Bill Keller
10. RECENT CHURCH DOCUMENTS : LUTHERAN STATEMENT: Economic justice: Stewardship of creation in human community / The Lutheran Church in America
THE U.S. BISHOPS' PASTORAL LETTER: Economic justice for all: Catholic social teaching and the U.S. economy / National Conference of Catholic Bishops
A MAINLINE PROTESTANT POSITION: Christian faith and economic life / United Church of Christ
CONSERVATIVE AND EVANGELICAL STATEMENTS: The Villars statement on relief and development ; The Oxford declaration on Christian faith and economics
A PAPAL ENCYCLICAL: Centesimus annus / John Paul II. PART C: CONTEMPORARY DEVELOPMENTS : 11. THE CHANGING CORPORATION: (1) Moral significance and corporate organization: Spirituality and the corporation / Max L. Stackhouse
Management as a social practice: Rethinking business ethics after MacIntyre / Dennis P. McCann and M.L. Brownsberger
The potential for building covenants in business corporations / Stewart W. Herman
Three images of corporate leadership and their implications for social justice / Donald W. Shriver, Jr
(2) Structuring organizations for accountability: Ethics and management in the corporate arena / Michael R. Rion
Creating ethical corporate structures / Patrick E. Murphy
Corporate accountability: The board of directors / Harold M. Williams
(3) Democratizing the corporation: Is Mondragon the way? / John C. Cort
Evangelical Christians and economic democracy / Shirley J. Roels
Theory fastball / Max De Pree
Corporate democracy and the legacy of the South African divestment movement / Robert Kinloch Massie
12. ETHICS IN SPECIALIZATIONS OF BUSINESS : (1) MARKETING: Business ethics: On getting to the heart of the matter / Paul F. Camenisch
Challenging a commodity culture / John Kavanaugh
Capitalism and commutative justice / Jon P. Gunnemann
Ethics, price fixing, and the management of price strategy / William J. Kehoe
(2) FINANCE: Have ethics disappeared from Wall Street? / Robert S. Bachelder
The church and Wall Street / Dennis P. McCann
Theology and money / Paul Hessert
(3) ACCOUNTING: Accounting and accountability: Double entry, double nature, double identity / I.C. Stewart
Accounting and sentiment / Philip M. Piaker
Meeting the financial reporting needs of the future: A public commitment from the public accounting profession / Board of directors of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
(4) HUMAN RESOURCES: Shaping our economic future: Dignity in the work place / Elmer W. Johnson
Learning to manage a multicultural workforce / Lennie Copeland
Occupational stress is a moral issue: Lessons in front of a VDT / Barbara Hilkert Andolsen
13. MORAL BUSINESS LEADERSHIP: ORIGINS AND OUTCOMES : (1) Personal Moral Vision and the Calling to Business: Christian faith and business: A story / M.L. Brownsberger
The Christian vocation of a business leader / Joseph P. Sullivan
Women in the workplace / Penelope Washbourn
The Protestant work ethic: Attitude and application give it meaning / Fred Catherwood
Affections and business / John C. Haughey, S.J
(2) When Personal Calling Meets Corporate Culture: The virtues of the business leader / William F. May
Minerva's owl: Building a corporate value system / William L. Weiss
How religious commitments shape corporate decisions / J. Irwin Miller
Values don't work in business / Dennis Bakke
(3) Putting Faith to the Test: Christian ethics and the business ethos / Larry L. McSwain
When a boss asks for something unethical / Richard Chewning
Does big business have a big heart? / Claudia McDonnell
The path to social responsibility / Joseph Nolan and David Nolan. 14. THE GLOBAL ECONOMY : (1) Challenges in Emerging Global Markets: The gross national product and the gods: The idea of economic culture / Peter L. Berger
The Asian systems / George Lodge
Korean economy: A model case of a miraculous growth? / Sang-Goog Cho
Guiding Principles / Arun Katiyar and Shefali Rekhi
The new Poland: Major problems for ethical business / Leo V. Ryan
Reconstituting civic societies: An Afro-American view / Preston N. Williams
(2) Multinational Corporations: Toward a theology of the corporation / Michael Novak
Developmental responsibility / Lee A. Tavis
Global ethics: Wrestling with the corporate conscience / Gene R. Laczniak and Jacob Naor
(3) Third World Development: The people of God and the development of peoples / Cardinal Maurice Roy
A Biblical perspective on stewardship / Ronald J. Sider
The political task of the Christian church / Cornel West
The churches and Third World poverty / Mark R. Amstuts
(4) The Economy and the Global Environment: Two economies / Wendell Berry
Unoriginal sin: The Judeo-Christian roots of ecotheology / Robert H. Nelson
Ecological integrity and Christian political responsibility / James A. Nash
How green is our Gospel? / Andrew Steer
15. THE ONGOING DISCUSSION : (1) Challenges for the Church Community: The righteous and the powerful: Differing paths to social goals / S. Prakash Sethi
The ethical premise for social activism / J. Philip Wogaman
The blue-collar worker and the church / Steve Boint
The new agenda of the black church: Economic development for black America / Lloyd Gite
Connecting ministry with the corporate world / David A. Krueger
(2) Challenges for the Business Community: The moral muteness of managers / Frederick B. Bird and James A. Waters
Ethics and accountability: The rising power of stakeholder capitalism / J. Richard Finlay
The lay task of co-creation / Michael Novak
Business goals and processes / Shirley J. Roels
(3) The Call for New Christian Paradigms: The great refusal and my discontent / Robert Benne
Christians and economic development / Amy L. Sherman
The four problems of economic life / Daniel Rush Finn
Ethics, economics, and free trade / John B. Cobb, Jr
Liberating thoughts about the ethics of exchange and trade / Robin Klay
A postcommunist manifesto: Public theology after the collapse of socialism / Max L. Stackhouse and Dennis P. McCann
EPILOGUE : Where do we go from here? Some thoughts on geoeconomics / Dennis P. McCann