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3D printer projects for makerspaces

Lydia Sloan Cline (Author)
Projecten voor de 3d-printer. Werkboek voor de makerspace. NL-ZmNBD
Print Book, English, [2017]
McGraw Hill Education, New York, [2017]
324 pagina's : illustraties in zwart-wit ; 28 cm.
9781259860386, 1259860388
The Maker Movement Is Accessible to AllWhat Can I Do with a 3D Printer?Solving Societal ProblemsThat Competitive EdgeWhat’s in This Book?What Software and Hardware Will We Use?Where Can I Find Makerspaces?Further ReadingGeneral Stuff Before We StartCartesian PrintersDelta PrintersOther Printer FeaturesFirmwareExtrudersBuild PlatesAdhesion Covers and TreatmentsFilamentChanging FilamentGlue and Solvent WeldingSlicer Settings: Dialing It InPrinting Tethered versus SD (Memory) CardRunning Multiple Printers SimultaneouslySelling Your WorkBeing GreenSketchUpWebsites and Programs That Check for PrintabilitySummaryFurther ReadingPROJECT 1 Architectural Symbol CoasterThings You’ll NeedFind an Existing 2D DrawingEdit the DrawingImport the Chair File into SketchUp ProModel the ChairScale the ChairAdd VolumeCheck the Model for ProblemsExport It as an STL FilePrint It!PROJECT 2 Phone CaseThings You’ll NeedFind a Phone Case File and Import It into SketchUpOpen More ToolbarsSketch a DesignOptional: Paint and Export as an OBJ FileCheck the Model for ErrorsPrint It!PROJECT 3 Guardian Lion BankThings You’ll NeedFind a ModelHollow the ModelCut a Coin SlotCut a Hole at the BottomInspect and Export the ModelTry to Print It!Print It!PROJECT 4 Art StencilThings You’ll NeedOpen More ToolbarsDraw and Offset a CircleDraw the EyesDraw the SmileAdd VolumeHold All the Pieces Together with RodsDelete the Unneeded PartsCheck the Model for ErrorsExport the ModelCheck Dimensions and Stability in MeshmixerHollow the Model OutPrint It!PROJECT 5 Cookie DunkerThings You’ll NeedModel the HolderModel the HandleExport the Dunker and Handle SeparatelyPrint It!PROJECT 6 Simple Bat-Shaped Cookie CutterThings You’ll NeedFind and Convert a Bat SketchImport the SVG File into Fusion 360Offset the SketchExport the Cutter as an STL FileCheck for StabilityTry to Print It!Print It!PROJECT 7 Spiral OrnamentThings You’ll NeedDraw the SpiralImport the Spiral into SketchUp ProOpen More ToolbarsOffset the SpiralScale the SpiralAdd Text to the SpiralReposition the SpiralAdd a Neck and LoopCombine All the PartsPrint It!PROJECT 8 Personalized Football Key FobThings You’ll NeedCreate TextImport the PNG File into Simplify3DSize the PNG File ModelPrint It!PROJECT 9 Embossed Poop Emoji Cookie CutterThings You’ll NeedFind and Convert a Poop Emoji SketchImport the SVG File into Fusion 360Examine the File for ProblemsOffset the Perimeter SketchExtrude the Perimeter SketchExtrude the Interior SketchesExtrude the BackAdjust Height and Size as NeededExport the Cookie Cutter as an STL FilePrint It!PROJECT 10 Lens Cap HolderThings You’ll NeedSketch the HolderExtrude the SketchSketch and Extrude a Second CircleExport the Lens Holder as an STL FilePrint It!PROJECT 11 Print Two Colors with a Dual ExtruderThings You’ll NeedImport and Convert the STL FileSplit the Ears from the BodyDelete Unnecessary ItemsExport Two STL FilesImport the STL Files into Simplify3DSet Up ProcessesThe Dual Extrusion WizardPrint It!PROJECT 12 Lithophane Night-LightThings You’ll NeedFind an ImageConvert the Image to a LithophaneImport the STL File into MeshmixerChange the Size (Optional)Print It!Assemble ItPROJECT 13 Skull-and-Bones Pencil CupThings You’ll NeedSketch a Circle and Three LinesOffset the LinesExtrude the LinesFind and Import an SVG FileModel the SVG FileAdd a Bottom to the CupCombine All PartsAngle the TopAdjust Proportions and Chamfer Edges (Optional)Print It!PROJECT 14 Business Card with QR CodeThings You’ll NeedModel the CardAdd Text to the CardAdd a QR Code to the CardDownload the Card as an STL FileAnalyze the File for PrintabilityPrint It!PROJECT 15 From Scan to Trinket HolderThings You’ll NeedWhat the Scanify Can DoWhat’s Needed to Operate the ScanifyScan the VaseExport the Mesh ModelFix the Mesh Model with Studio AdvancedImport the Vase STL File into MeshmixerCut the Bottom of the STL File OffCut a Hole in the Top of the STL FilePrint It!Some Additional ThoughtsFurther ResourcesPROJECT 16 Phone StandThings You’ll NeedImport the STL File into Fusion 360Model a BaseMake a Hole in the Phone StopConvert the STL File to a SolidCombine the Model and the BaseExport the Phone Holder as an STL FilePrint It!PROJECT 17 Cage Pendant with a Bead InsideThings You’ll NeedMake a TorusCopy and Rotate the TorusMake a LoopCombine the Parts and Export as an STL FilePrint It!PROJECT 18 Military Insignia Soap MoldThings You’ll NeedModel the BaseFind an Insignia ImageConvert the Insignia Image to an SVG FileImport the SVG File into TinkercadPosition the File on the BasePrint It!Make a Silicone MoldFurther ResourcesPROJECT 19 Hanging LampshadeThings You’ll NeedModel the Straight PartModel the Flared PartShell and Fillet the LampshadeSave as an STL File and Import into MeshmixerDecimate the FileApply a Voronoi PatternTroubleshootingIterate and Print It!PROJECT 20 Reality Capture of a Buddha CharmThings You’ll NeedWhat Is a Reality Capture?What Can Be Captured?How to Photograph a SubjectPhotographing a PersonUpload the Photo Set to RemakeCreate the ModelOpen the Model in RemakeAnalyze the Model for DefectsExport the Model as an OBJ File and Import into MeshmixerDelete the BackgroundCut the Bottom Off with Plane CutResize the ModelAdd a Loop and Combine All PartsPrint It!Post-Process All the ThingsSanding and SandpaperFiles and DrillsGeneral ToolsPrimersPaintsOther Finishes and MaterialsDiscount Store Crafts SectionSmoothing and Concealing LayersSummaryIndex