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Cognition and behavior modification

Print Book, English, [1974]
Ballinger Pub. Co., Cambridge, Mass., [1974]
xv, 351 pages illustrations 24 cm
9780884105008, 9780884102601, 0884105008, 0884102602
Wherefore cognitive behavior modification?
The behaviorisms: metaphysical to methodological
Inference: the illegitimate leap?
Inadequacies of the non-mediational model
Measurement and theory in mediational research
MEdiational model I: covert conditioning
The covert conditioning therapies: counterconditioning, thought stopping, and coverant control
The covert conditioning therapies: covert sensitization, reinforcement, extinction, and modeling
Mediational model II: information processing
Mediational model III: the cognitive learning model
The cognitive therapies: cognitive restructuring and self-instruction
The cognitive therapies: coping skills training, problem solving, and attribution
Belief, counter-control, and choice
Biological relevancies
An emerging paradigm: the personal scientist
The thinking behaviorist: a postscript