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Society online : the Internet in context

Examines how various media technologies have rapidly and deeply become embedded in our organizations and institutions. This book shows how these technologies mediate the community, political, economic, personal, and global spheres of our social lives. It is useful for students taking media studies courses in the areas of Information Sciences.
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Sage, Thousand Oaks, CA, ©2004
xxxiv, 350 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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AcknowledgementsForeword - Howard "Lee" RainiePrologue. The Case for Multi-Method Research: Large Sample Design & The Study of Life Online - James WitteChapter 1: Introduction. Embedded Media: Who We Know, What We Know, and Society Online - Philip N. Howard and Steve JonesPART I. SOCIAL CAPITAL, COMMUNITY, AND CONTENTChapter 2: The Bridging and Bonding Role of Online Communities - Pippa NorrisChapter 3: Deeper Understanding, Deeper Ties: Taking Faith Online - Elena LarsenChapter 4: Bending Gender into the Net: Feminizing Content, Corporate Interests, and Research Strategy - Leslie Regan ShadeChapter 5: Interrogating the Digital Divide: The Political Economy of Race and Commerce in New Media - Lisa NakamuraPART II. WIRED NEWS AND POLITICS ONLINE Chapter 6: Will Internet Voting Increase Turnout? An Analysis of Voter Preference - Jennifer Stromer-GalleyChapter 7: The Internet and Political Involvement in 1996 and 2000 - Ronald E. Rice and James E. KatzChapter 8: New Media, Internet News, and the News Habit - Carin DessauerChapter 9: Crisis Communication and New Media: The Web After September 11 - Steven M. Schneider and Kirsten A. FootPART III. ECONOMICE LIFE ONLINEChapter 10: ′sHoP onLiNE!′: Advertising Female Teen Cyberculture - David Silver and Philip GarlandChapter 11: Permanently Beta: Responsive Organization in the Internet Era - Gina Neff and David StarkChapter 12: Art Versus Code: The Gendered Evolution of Web Design Skills - Nalini P. KotamrajuPART IV. CULTURE AND SOCIALIZATION ONLINEChapter 13: Wired and Well-Read - Wendy Griswold and Nathan WrightChapter 14: The Disembodied Muse: Music in the Internet Age - Richard A. Peterson and John RyanChapter 15: Technology & Tolerance: Public Opinion Differences Among Internet Users and Nonusers - John P. Robinson, Alan Neustadtl, and Meyer KestnbaumPART V. PERSONAL AND GLOBAL CONTEXTS OF LIFE ONLINEChapter 16: Informed Web Surfing: The Social Context of User Sophistication - Eszter HargittaiChapter 17: U.S. American Internet Users and Privacy: A Safe Harbor of Their Own? - Doreen Starke-Meyerring, Dan L. Burk, and Laura J. GurakChapter 18: Sited Materials with a Global Span - Saskia SassenChapter 19: The Future of Internet: Cultural and Individual Conceptions - William Sims BainbridgeChapter 20: Conclusion: Contexting the Network - Steve Jones