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Biological control

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Chapman & Hall, New York, ©1996
xii, 539 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
9780412028618, 0412028611
Ch. 17. Biology of Weed Control Agents
Ch. 18. Population Regulation Theory and Implications for Biological Control
Ch. 19. The Role of Grower Education in Biological Control
Ch. 20. Government Policy and Biological Control
Ch. 21. Biological Control in Support of Nature Conservation
Ch. 22. Future Prospects. Ch. 1. Pest Origins, Pesticides and the History of Biological Control
Ch. 2. Kinds of Biological Control Targets, Agents, and Methods
Ch. 3. Parasitoids and Predators of Arthropods and Molluscs
Ch. 4. Pathogens and Nematodes of Arthropods, and Pathogens of Vertebrates
Ch. 5. Herbivores and Pathogens Used for Biological Weed Control
Ch. 6. Biological Control Agents for Plant Pathogens
Ch. 7. Natural Enemy Conservation
Ch. 8. Introduction of New Natural Enemies: Principles
Ch. 9. Introduction of New Natural Enemies: Methods
Ch. 10. Augmentation of Parasitoids, Predators, and Beneficial Herbivores
Ch. 11. Augmentation of Pathogens and Nematodes
Ch. 12. Methods for Biological Control of Plant Pathogens
Ch. 13. Natural Enemy Monitoring and Evaluation
Ch. 14. Integration of Biological Control into Pest Management Systems
Ch. 15. Biology of Arthropod Parasitoids and Predators
Ch. 16. Biology and Dynamics of Pathogens
Includes index