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Elections in Africa : a data handbook

This is a country-by-country study of African nations, providing a comparative introduction on elections and electoral systems. Data is presented in a sytematic manner, allowing for both historical and cross-national comparisons
eBook, English, 1999
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1999
1 online resource (1,000 pages)
9780198296454, 9780191522673, 0198296452, 0191522678
Machine derived contents note: Introduction, Dieter Nohlen, Michael Krennerich, and Berrnhard Thibaut
Algeria, Dirk Axtmann
Angola, Ana Catarina Clemente-Kersten
Benin, Groswin Baumbogger
Burkina Faso, Florain Grotz
Burindi, Bernhard Thibaut
Cameroon, Andreas Mehler
Cape Verde, Ana Catarina Clemente-Kersten
Central African Republic, Andreas Mehler
Chad, Manuela Romer
Comoros Islands, Bernhard Thibaut
Congo, Siegmar Schmidt, Daniel Stroux
Congo-Brazzaville, Helga Fleischhacker
Djibouti, Bernhard Thibaut
Egypt, Matthias Meier
Equatorial Guinea, Helga Fleischhacker
Gambia, Petra Bendel
Ghana, Michael Krennerich
Guinea, Stefan Brune
Guinea-Bissau, Ana Catarina Clemente-Kersten
Ivory Coast, Christopher Hartmann
Kenya, Dirk Hartmann
Lesotho, Ulf Engel
Liberia, Matthias Basedau
Libya, Hanspeter Mattes
Madagascar, Bernhard Thibaut
Malawi, Heiko Meinhardt
Mali, Shaheen Mozaffar
Mauritania, Regina Wegemund
Mauritiua, Michael Krennerich
Morocco, Juan Montabes Pereira
Mozambique, Michael Krennerich
Namimia, Michael Krennerich
Niger, Matthias Basedau
Nigeria, Petra Bendel
Rwanda, Thilo Stolz
Sa Tome and Principe, Ana Catarina Clemente-Kersten
Senegal, Petra Bendel
Seychelles, Bernhard Thibaut
Sierra Leone, Andrew Reynolds
Somalia, Michael Krennerich
South Africa, Ulf Engel
Sudan, Bernhard Thibaut
Swaziland, Matthias Basedau
Tanzania, Wolfgang Fengler
Togo, Daniel Stroux
Tunisia, Juan Montabes Pereira
Uganda, Siegmar Schmidt
Zambia, Michael Krennerich
Zimbabwe, Groswin Baumbogger