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Inclusive aid : changing power and relationships in international development

Rapid and profound changes are taking place in international development. The past two decades have promoted the ideals of participation and partnership yet key decisions affecting people's lives continue to be made without sufficient attention to the socio-political realities of the countries in which they live. Embedded working traditions vested interests and institutional inertia mean that old habits and cultures persist among the development community. Planning continues as though it were free of unpredictable interactions among stakeholders. This book is about the need to recognise the co
eBook, English, 2004
Earthscan, London, 2004
1 online resource (xviii, 237 pages) : illustrations
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The complexity of inclusive aid / Rachel Hinton and Leslie Groves
Changing power relations in the history of aid / Caroline Robb
Reflections on organizational change / Jean Horstman
Who owns a poverty reduction strategy? a case study of power, instruments and relationships in Bolivia / Rosalind Eyben
Questioning, learning and 'cutting-edge' agendas: some thoughts from Tanzania / Leslie Groves
The donor-government-citizen frame as seen by a government participant / Margaret Kakande
Exploring power and relationships: a perspective from Nepal / Ruth Marsden
An international NGO's staff reflections on power, procedures and relationships / Charles Owusu
'If it doesn't fit on the blue square it's out!' an open letter to my donor friend / Everjoice Win
The bureaucrat / Katja Jassey
Shifting power to make a difference / Robert Chambers and Jethro Pettit
How can donors become more accountable to poor people? / Rosalind Eyben and Claire Ferguson
Minding the gap through organizational learning / Katherine Pasteur and Patta Scott-Villiers
Personal change and responsible well-being / Patta Scott-Villiers
Enabling inclusive aid: changing power and relationships in international development / Rachel Hinton