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Law in perspective : ethics, society and critical thinking

Encourages critical, responsible and creative thinking about law as a system of ideas and as a social institution. It explores the relationships between law, logic and science, examines the socio- economic role of law and asks what role the legal system plays in alleviating contemporary social problems
eBook, English, 2005
UNSW Press, Sydney, 2005
vi, 421 pages ; 24 cm
9780868408347, 9780868402925, 0868408344, 0868402923
Basic concepts of logical reasoning
Legal reasoning
Formal fallacies and fallacies of relevance
Weak induction and presumption
Science and statistics
Causation and the precautionary principle
Theoretical hypotheses
Metaethics, rights and equality
Normative ethics
Natural law and legal positivism
Marxism and law
Efficiency and the market
Regulating the market
Is the market just?
Inheritance and returns to assets
Tort law reform
Freedom of will and criminal culpability
Crime and punishment
Terrorism and democratic rights
Refugees and the nation-state
Includes index
Electronic reproduction, Belrose, NSW, Australia, James Bennett Etitle, 2006