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Church in Africa, 1450-1950

eBook, English, 1995
Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1995
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9780191520556, 0191520551
A Note on Names
List of Abbreviations
1. The Ethiopian Church in the Age of Zara Ya'iqob
i: Introduction: The Council of Dabra Mitmaq
ii: Coptic and Aksumite Origins
iii: Ethiopia's Hebraic Character
iv: Monasticism and Monarchy in the Fourteenth Century
v: The 'House of Ewostatewos' and Sabbath Observance
vi: The Policies of Zara Ya'iqob
vii: The Age of Baida Maryam
2. Africa in 1500 and its Christian Past
i: Society, States, Statelessness, and Religion
ii: African Islam. Iii: The Christian Past of North Africa and Survival in Egypt
iv: Nubia
3. The Kongo, Warri, Mutapa, and the Portuguese
The Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
i: Portugal Overseas
ii: Kongo and its Initial Evangelization
iii: Benin and Mutapa
iv: Kongolese Catholicism under Afonso I and his Immediate Successors
The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
v: The Diocese of São Salvador and the Jesuits
vi: The Mission of the Capuchins
vii: The Battle of Ambuila, Kimpa Vita, and the Antonian Movement
viii: The Kongo Church in the Eighteenth Century. Ix: Angola, Sierra Leone, Warri, and Mutapa
x: The Slave Trade and its Implications
xi: An Evaluation
4. Riches to Rags: Ethiopia 1500-1800
i: The Church of Lebna Dengel
ii: The Jihad of Gran
iii: Galawdewos, the Jesuits, and Enbaqom
iv: Paez and Susenyos
v: Mendes and Fasiladas
vi: The Eighteenth Century
5. Equiano to Ntsikana: From the 1780s to the 1820s
i: London, Africa, and Protestantism
ii: West African Protestant Beginnings and the Foundation of Freetown
iii: The Advance of Islam. Iv: Kongo Christianity under Garcia V
v: South Africa: Genadendal, Bethelsdorp, and Kuruman
vi: The Mission Village: A Discussion
vii: Khoi Leadership and Ntsikana
6. The Lion Revived: Ethiopia in the Nineteenth Century
i: The Age of the Princes
ii: Tewodros 1855-68
iii: Yohannes IV and Menelik
7. The Victorian Missionary
The Evolution of a Movement
i: Where Protestant Mission had Arrived by the 1840s
ii: The Catholic Revival
iii: David Livingstone and his Influence
iv: Verona Fathers and White Fathers
v: The State of Missionary Complexity by 1880. Style, Priorities, and Mind
vi: Missionary Characteristics and Life-Style
vii: Missionary Teaching
viii: The Uses of Medicine
ix: Language and Translation
x: Christianity, Civilization, and Commerce
xi: The Three Selves and the Pursuit of Adaptation
xii: What Missionaries Thought of Africa
8. Kings, Marriage, Ancestors, and God
i: Monarchies and Christianization
ii: Rain
iii: Social Structure: Marriage, Circumcision, and Secret Societies
iv: Ancestors, Deities, and God
9. Christian Life in the Age of Bishop Crowther
i: 'Black Europeans'
Ii: Crowther and the Niger Diocese