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Environmental stewardship : critical perspectives - past and present

Is stewardship a useful way of regarding our relationship with our environment - or is it a dangerous excuse for plunder? Is it possible for us to be effective stewards? This book gathers together expositions of stewardship with criticisms of the concept and adds other contributions written especially for this collection.
Print Book, English, 2006
T & T Clark, London, 2006
348 Seiten
9780567030177, 9780567030184, 0567030172, 0567030180
Foreword, Sir Ghillean Prance (former Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew); Introduction and Background, R.J. Berry (University College London, UK); I. History of the Idea; 1. Having Dominion: Genesis and the mastery of nature, Peter Harrison (Bond University, Western Australia); 2. The Concept of Stewardship, John Black (University of Edinburgh, UK). 3. Why St Francis?, Jan Boersema (Free University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands); 4. Environmental sensitivity and critiques of stewardship, Robin Attfield (Cardiff University, UK); 5. Human authority in creation, Richard Bauckham (University of St Andrews, UK); 6. A theology for the Earth, Joseph Sittler (University of Chicago, USA); II. Application and Criticism; 7. The fallible concept of the stewardship of the Earth, Jim Lovelock (independent scientist); 8. Religion and the environment, Crispin Tickell (Director of the Climate Change Institute, Green College, Oxford, UK); 9. The significance of evolutionary theory for environmental ethics, Lisa Sideris (McGill University, USA); 10. Ethics and the environment, Chris Patten (European Commissioner); 11. The stewardship of creation, Alister McGrath (University of Oxford, UK); III. Theological Debate; 12. Stewardship: a case study in environmental ethics, Clare Palmer (Lancaster University, UK); 13. Stewardship as a key to a theology of nature, Douglas Hall (McGill University, USA); 14. Partnership with nature according to the scripture: beyond the theology of stewardship, Paul Santmire (Akron, Ohio, USA); 15. Tensions in a stewardship paradigm, Bruce Reichenbach (Augsburg College, Minneapolis, USA) and Elving Anderson (University of Minnesota, USA); 16. To render praise: humanity in God's world, Murray Rae (King's College London, UK); 17. From ecological lament to a sustainable oikos, Anne Clifford (Duquesne University, USA); 18. Stewardship and its competitors: a spectrum of relationships between humans and the non-human creation, Chris Southgate (University of Exeter, UK); 19. The fellowship of all creation, Ruth Page (University of Edinburgh, UK); IV. Relevance; 20. Caring for the Earth, Martin Holdgate (International Union for the Conservation of Nature). 21. Soil, stewardship and spirit in the era of chemical agriculture, Michael Northcott (University of Edinburgh, UK); 22. Sauce for the goose, Derek Osborn (UK Environmental Stakeholders Forum); 23. Sea stewards and the sabbath, Susan Bratton (Baylor University, USA); 24. Stewardship: responding appropriately to the consequences of human action in the world, Calvin DeWitt (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA); 25. Preserving God's creation, Metropolitan John of Pergamon [Zizioulas]; 26. Steward, Larry Rasmussen (Union Theological Seminary, USA); Conclusion, John Houghton (formerly Director of the Meteorological Office); Index.