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Danteworlds : a reader's guide to the Inferno

One of the greatest works of world literature, Dante Alighieri?s The Divine Comedy has, despite its enormous popularity and importance, often stymied readers with its multitudinous characters, references, and themes. But until now, students of the Inferno have lacked a suitable resource to guide their reading. Welcome to Danteworlds, the first substantial guide to the Inferno in English. Guy P. Raffa takes readers on a geographic journey through Dante?s underworld circle by circle?from the Dark Wood down to the ninth circle of Hell?in much the same way Dante and Virgil proceed in their inferna
eBook, English, 2007
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2007
1 online resource (155 pages) : illustrations, map
9780226702780, 9781281966278, 0226702782, 1281966274
Welcome to Danteworlds; Major Events in Dante's Life; Map of Italy in the Thirteenth Century; Illustration of Dante's Hell; Dark Wood (Inferno 1-2); Periphery of Hell: Cowardice (Inferno 3); Circle 1: Limbo (Inferno 4); Circle 2: Lust (Inferno 5); Circle 3: Gluttony (Inferno 6); Circle 4: Avarice and Prodigality (Inferno 7); Circle 5: Wrath and Sullenness (Inferno 7-9); Circle 6: Heresy (Inferno 9-11); Circle 7: Violence (Inferno 12-17); Circle 8, Pouches 1-6: Fraud (Inferno 18-23); Circle 8, Pouches 7-10: Fraud (Inferno 24-30); Circle 9: Treachery (Inferno 31-34); Changing Values?
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