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The book of tempeh

Abstract: Tempeh is a popular Indonesian fermented food consisting of cooked soybeans bound together by a dense, cottony mycelium of Rhizapus mold into compact cakes or patties. Tempeh is used as a main course, in sauces, as dressings, in salads, and fried. Tempeh compares favorably with meat protein sources. It is sold in four stages: 1) premature tempeh; 2) mature tempeh; 3) slightly overripe tempeh; and 4) overripe tempeh. Home preparation is easy, using storebought soybeans, starter, and typical kitchen utensils. The usefulness of tempeh as a food protein source is discussed. Variations and recipes for western-style, oriental, and Indonesian tempeh uses are given. History and uses of tempeh are explored in discussions of tempeh starter, Indonesian tempeh shops, microbiology and chemistry of fermentation, and soybean utilization
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"A New-Age Foods Study Center book."