Front cover image for Get out of your own way : overcoming self-defeating behavior

Get out of your own way : overcoming self-defeating behavior

Mark Goulston (Author), Philip Goldberg (Author)
"Practical lessons for conquering procrastination, fear, envy, obsession, anger, self-pity, compulsion, neediness, guilt, rebellion, inaction"--Cover
Print Book, English, 1996
Tarcher Perigee, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, New York, NY, 1996
xxv, 177 pages ; 21 cm
9780399519901, 0399519904
Introduction: How to Beat Self-Defeat
Chasing After Love and Approval From a Parent
Getting Involved With the Wrong People
Expecting Others to Understand How You Feel
Waiting Until It's Too Late
Getting So Angry You Make Things Worse
Saying Yes When You Want to Say No
Holding a Grudge
Assuming They Don't Want Anything in Return
Playing It Safe
Always Having to Be Right
Focusing on What Your Partner Is Doing Wrong
Putting up With Broken Promises
Trying to Make up While You're Still Angry
Not Learning From Your Mistakes
Trying to Change Others
Rebelling Just for the Sake of Rebelling
Talking When Nobody's Listening
Pretending You're Fine When You're Not
Becoming Obsessive or Compulsive
Taking Things Too Personally
Acting Too Needy
Having Unrealistic Expectations
Trying to Take Care of Everybody
Refusing to "Play Games"
Putting on an Act to Make a Good Impression
Being Envious of Others
Feeling Sorry for Yourself
Assuming the Hard Way Is the Right Way
Thinking "I'm Sorry" Is Enough
Holding It All In
Quitting Too Soon
Letting Others Control Your Life
Leaving Too Much to Chance
Letting Fear Run Your Life
Not Moving on After a Loss
Not Getting Out When the Getting Is Good
Not Asking for What You Need
Giving Advice When They Want Something Else
Backing Down Because You Don't Feel Ready