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Eating disorders : a guide to medical care and complications

Philip S. Mehler (Author), Arnold E. Andersen (Author)
Print Book, English, 2017
Third edition View all formats and editions
Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 2017
365 pages ; 24 cm
9781421423425, 9781421423432, 1421423421, 142142343X
The diagnosis and treatment of the eating disorders spectrum in primary care medicine / Arnold E. Andersen
The role of the multi-disciplinary team and levels of care in the treatment of eating disorders / Craig Johnson, Kenneth Weiner, Russell Marx, Cynthia Pikus
Medical evaluation of patients with eating disorders / Kristine Walsh, Philip S. Mehler
Nutritional rehabilitation : practical guidelines for refeeding anorexia nervosa patients / Philip S. Mehler
Evaluation and treatment of electrolyte abnormalities / Margherita Mascolo, Philip S. Mehler
Gastrointestinal complications / Philip S. Mehler
Cardiac abnormalities and their management / Katherine Sachs, Philip S. Mehler, Mori Krantz
Obstetrical-gynecological endocrinology and osteoporosis / Philip S. Mehler
General endocrinology / Philip S. Mehler
The dual diagnosis of eating disorder and diabetes mellitus / Ovidio Bermudez
Oral, dental, ear, and eye complications / Carrie Brown, Philip S. Mehler
Athletes and eating disorders / Arnold E. Andersen
Males with eating disorders / Arnold E. Andersen
Using medical information psychotherapeutically / Arnold E. Andersen
Ethical and medico-legal considerations in treating patients with eating disorders : ethical principles, involuntary treatment, harm reduction, palliative care, and futility / Patricia Westmoreland, Philip S. Mehler
Medical information for nonmedical clinicians and educators / Arnold E. Andersen
Innovative psychological treatments of eating disorders / Arnold E. Andersen