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Slavery in the Ottoman Empire and its Demise 1800-1909

This study bridges the gap that exists between studies dedicated to the history of slavery in the Western and Islamic worlds. It sets itself the goal of understanding how slavery persisted and then met its end in the Ottoman Empire. It concentrates on the period between 1800-1909 and examines the policies of the Ottoman state regarding slavery both before and after the reform period known as the Tanzimat. It also looks at the British involvement in the issue
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Palgrave Macmillan, 1996
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A Note on Pronunciation
1 Employment of Slaves in the Classical Ottoman Empire
The dev?irme: The emergence of the Ottoman military-governmental slave system
Slaves as soldiers and administrators and their status
Slaves in agriculture
Industrial slavery
2 Traditional Ottoman Policies towards Slavery before the Tanzimat
The pencik tax as a means of market control
Enslavement and sale of Muslims as slaves
Unlawful and lawful enslavement of non-Muslim subjects Employment of slaves by non-Muslims
Treatment of war captives
Illegal use of slaves and supervision of slave-dealers
The prohibition of the slave trade to Egypt
3 Means of Enslavement and Slave Acquisition in the Late Ottoman Empire: Continuation of Ottoman Slavery after 1839
Means of enslavement and acquisition of slaves
Recovery of the Ottoman slave system
The ethnic origins of slaves in the late Empire
Employment of slaves
4 British Policy and Ottoman Slavery
Was there a British attempt to abolish Ottoman slavery in 1840? British perceptions of the general prohibition of the African slave trade
Differences of opinions and consensus in the British camp
The role of 'Muslim public opinion' in British policy-making
5 Ottoman Policy during the Tanzimat Period, 1846-76
Abolition of the Istanbul Slave Market, 1846
Ottoman anti-slave trade measures until 1857
The general prohibition of the black slave trade, 1857
Ottoman measures against the internal Circassian slave trade and slavery
6 Ottoman Policy during the Reign of Abdülhamid II and the Advent of the Young Turks, 1876-1909 Anti-slavery measures and the accession hat of Abd hamid, 1876
Renewal of the 1857 ferman in the First Constitutional Period, 1877
The Anglo-Ottoman Convention for the suppression of the black slave trade, 1880
The draft laws of 1882 and 1883
The law of 1889 and the General Act of the Brussels Conference, 1890
The advent of the Young Turks, 1908-9
7 The Emancipation and Care of Slaves in the Late Ottoman Empire
Was manumission automatic in the late Ottoman Empire?
The question of fugitive slaves
The care of emancipated slaves
8 Conclusion