Front cover image for Forerunners of Darwin : 1745-1859

Forerunners of Darwin : 1745-1859

Print Book, English, 1968
John Hopkins Press, Baltimore, 1968
471 pages
I. Introductory background
1. Fossils and early cosmology / Francis C. Haber
2. The germination of the idea of biological species / Bentley Glass
II. The Eighteenth century
3. Maupertuis, pioneer of genetics and evolution / Bentley Glass
4. Buffon and the problem of species / Arthur O. Lovejoy
5. Diderot and eighteenth century French transformism / Lester G. Crocker
6. Heredity and variation in the eighteenth century concept of the species / Bentley Glass
7. Kant and evolution / Arthur O. Lovejoy
8. Herder : progressionism without transformism / Arthur O. Lovejoy
9. Fossils and the idea of a process of time in natural history / Francis C. Haber
III. The Nineteenth Century
10. Lamarck and Darwin in the history of science / Charles Coulston Gillispie
11. An embryological enigma in the Origin of Species / Jane Oppenheimer
12. The idea of descent in post-romantic German biology : 1848-1858 / Owsei Temkin
13. The argument for organic evolution before the Origin of Species, 1830-1858 / Arthur O. Lovejoy
14. Schopenhauer as an evolutionist / Arthur O. Lovejoy
15. Recent criticism of the Darwinian theory of recapitulation : its grounds and its initiator / Arthur O. Lovejoy