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Emperor : a new life of Charles V

Geoffrey Parker (Author)
The life of Emperor Charles V (1500-1558), ruler of Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and much of Italy and Central and South America, has long intrigued biographers. But the elusive nature of the man (despite an abundance of documentation), his relentless travel and the control of his own image, together with the complexity of governing the world's first transatlantic empire, complicate the task. Geoffrey Parker, one of the world's leading historians of early modern Europe, has examined the surviving written sources in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Latin, and Spanish, as well as visual and material evidence. He explores the crucial decisions that created and preserved this vast empire, analyzes Charles's achievements within the context of both personal and structural factors, and scrutinizes the intimate details of the ruler's life for clues to his character and inclinations. The result is a unique biography that interrogates every dimension of Charles's reign and views the world through the emperor's own eyes. -- publisher's website
eBook, English, 2019
Yale University Press, New Haven, 2019
1 online resource (xix, 737 pages, 32 unnumbered pages of plates) : illustrations, maps
9780300241020, 030024102X
From Duke of Luxemburg to Prince of Castile, 1500-8
The orphan prince, 1509-14
The difficult inheritance, 1515-17
From King of Spain to King of the Romans, 1517-19
From peace through rebellion to war, 1519-21
Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, 1521-5
Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, 1525-8
Champion of the Western world, 1528-31
The last crusader, 1532-6
Years of defeat, 1536-41
Settling scores, Part I. Guelders and France, 1541-4
Settling scores, Part II: Germany and Italy, 1545-8
The taming of America
Paterfamilias, 1548-51
The emperor's last campaigns, 1551-4
Restless retirement, 1555-8
The emperor in legend and history