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U Satyanarayana (Author)
eBook, English, 2013
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Elsevier India, New Delhi, 2013
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9788131237137, 8131237133
SECTION ONE Chemical Constituents of Life 1 Biomolecules and the cell 2 Carbohydrates 3 Lipids 4 Proteins and amino acids 5 Nucleic acids and nucleotides 6 Enzymes 7 Vitamins SECTION TWO Physiological Biochemistry 8 Digestion and absorption 9 Plasma proteins 10 Hemoglobin and porphyrins 11 Biological oxidation SECTION THREE Metabolisms 12 Introduction to metabolism 13 Metabolism of carbohydrates 14 Metabolism of lipids 15 Metabolism of amino acids 16 Integration of metabolism 17 Metabolism of nucleotides 18 Mineral metabolism SECTION FOUR Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition 19 Hormones 20 Organ function tests 21 Water, electrolyte and acid-base balance 22 Tissue proteins and body fluids 23 Nutrition SECTION FIVE Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 24 DNA-replication, recombination and repair 25 Transcription and translation 26 Regulation of gene expression 27 Recombinant DNA and biotechnology SECTION SIX Current Topics 28 Human genome project 29 Gene therapy 30 Bioinformatics 31 Metabolism of xenobiotics (detoxification) 32 Prostaglandins and related compounds 33 Biological membranes and transport 34 Free radicals and antioxidants 35 Environmental biochemistry 36 Insulin, glucose homeostasis, and diabetes mellitus 37 Cancer 38 Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) SECTION SEVEN Basics to Learn Biochemistry 39 Introduction to bioorganic chemistry 40 Overview of biophysical chemistry 41 Tools of biochemistry 42 Immunology 43 Genetics APPENDICES Answers to Self-assessment Exercises i Abbreviations used in this book ii Origins of important biochemical words iii Common confusables in biochemistry iv Practical biochemistry-principles v Clinical biochemistry laboratory vi Case studies with biochemical correlations INDEX