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Reading Latin : Grammar, Vocabulary and Exercises

P. V. Jones (Author), Keith C. Sidwell (Author)
Reading Latin is a Latin course designed to help mature beginners read Latin fluently and intelligently, primarily in the context of classical culture, but with some mediaeval Latin too. It does this in three ways; it encourages reading of continuous texts from the start; it offers generous help with translation at every stage; and it integrates the learning of Classical Latin with an appreciation of the influence of the Latin language upon English and European culture from Antiquity to the present. The Grammar, Vocabulary and Exercises volume supplies all the help needed to progress from reading carefully graded adaptations to unadulterated prose and verse (contained in the accompanying Text volume), together with a range of reinforcing exercises for each section, including English into Latin for those who want it. At the end of each section, a selection of Latin epigrams, mottoes, quotations, everyday Latin, word-derivations, examples of mediaeval Latin and discussions of the influence of Latin upon English illustrate the language's impact on Western culture
Print Book, English, 1986
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1986
xxiii, 610 pages : black and white illustrations ; 21 cm
9780521286220, 9780521286237, 0521286220, 0521286239
Notes to grammar, exercises and vocabulary
Notes on illustrations
Glossary of English-Latin grammar
Grammar, vocabulary and exercises for Sections 1-6
1A ; 1B ; 1C ; 1D ; 1E ; 1F ; 1G
2A ; 2B ; 2C ; 2D ; 2E
3A ; 3B ; 3C ; 3D
4A ; 4B ; 4C ; 4D ; 4E ; 4F ; 4G
5A ; 5 B ; 5C ; 5D ; 5E ; 5F ; 5G
6A ; 6B ; 6C ; 6D
Reference grammar
Appendix: The Latin language
Total Latin-English learning vocabulary
Total English-Latin vocabulary for Exercises
Additional learning vocabulary
Index of grammar