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Works of Thomas Jackson ..

eBook, English, 1844
New ed
University Press, Oxford, 1844
Early works
1 online resource (12 volumes)
v. 1. Some particulars of Dr. Jackson's life from A. Wood's Athenae Oxoniense; Dr. Jackson's will and an inventory of his effects; The epistle dedicatory and preface by Barnabas Oley; Vaughan's Life of Jackson; Address to the Christian reader; Eternal truth of Scriptures, and Christian belief, thereon wholly depending, manifested by its own light; How far the ministry of men is necessary for planting true Christian faith; and retaining the unity of it planted.- V. 2. Blasphemous positions of the Jesuits and other later Romanists, concerning the authority of the church.- V. 3. Justifying faith: or the faith by which the just do live.- V. 4. A treatise containing the original of unbelief, misbelief, or mispersuasion concerning the verity, unity, and attributes of the Deity: with directions for rectifying our belief or Knowledge in the forementioned points.- V. 5. Treatise of the divine essence and attributes.- V. 6. Divers sermons, with a shore treatise befitting these present times; Christ's answer unto St. John's question, or An introduction to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and him crucified.- V. 7. The knowledge of Christ Jesus, or the seventh book of commentaries upon the Apostles' creed, containing the first general principles of Christian theology; with the more immediate principles concerning the true knowledge of Christ.- v. 8. Consecration of the Son of God; or the ninth book of commentaries upon the Apostles' creed.- V. 9. Treatise of Christ's exercising His everlasting priesthood; Man's freedom from servitude to sin effected by Christ's sitting at the right hand of God, and there officiating as a most compassionate High Priest in behalf of sinners.- V. 10-11. Of Christ's session at the right handof God and exaltation thereby; of His being made Lord and Christ; His coming to judge both the quick and the dead, [etc.]- V. 12. The Holy Catholic Faith and Church; to which is adjoined a treatise of Christian obedience