Front cover image for Pain-free writing for nurses : a step-by-step approach

Pain-free writing for nurses : a step-by-step approach

Joseph Perazzo (Author), Robert Vincent Topp (Author)
"Dear Reader Future Author! Welcome! We are confident that you are opening this book because, like us, you have a hard time containing your excitement for writing. We pity people who fail to experience the exhilaration that comes with seeing a document emerge from a blank white screen. Some of us have our raison d'?tat in writing. Sometimes your friends, colleagues, and loved ones may say things like, ?better you than me!? or, ?I am so glad that I will never ever have to write a paper again? when you tell them about the work you do. Just know that they are jealous that it is not them? OK that was fun, so much for the ?rah rah? of the introduction - and now back to reality. Before you go any further, we want you to know that we understand if the very thought of writing conjures negative feelings of anxiety, anger, guilt or self-loathing. Maybe you made the decision a long time ago that you do not write well, and that you would rather have a root canal while staring at the sun than write a paper. We, the authors, your friendly colleagues in the scholarly world met at a scientific conference ? in the hotel bar. We were lamenting the topic of scholarly writing, and the different methods we used to be productive authors. We discussed the similar struggles we experienced with writing. In addition to finding a lot of common ground, we shared approaches we used to be more effective and productive authors. We agreed that we learned many of these tips, tricks, and resources through trial and error or informal sharing with our colleagues. After another round of ?inspiration? we decided the world needed a book designed for nurses who are pursuing a graduate degree or took a job in academia. Thus, our project to write this book came to life"-- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2020
Springer Publishing Company, LLC, New York, NY, 2020
Nurses Instruction
xiv, 201 pages ; 26 cm
9780826139870, 0826139876
Reasons not to write and getting past them / Joseph Perazzo
Why do we (have to) write? / Robert Topp
Getting started : having something to say / Joseph Perazzo
Everything begins (and ends) with an outline / Robert Topp
Title & abstract : it's the small stuff that matters / Robert Topp
Writing for employment : the process of securing a job in academia / Robert Topp
Responding to feedback / Jennifer Avery
Team writing : playing well with others / Joseph Perazzo
Difficult documents / Robert Topp
Reaching readers : open access journals, institutional repositories, and social media / Amanda Y. Makula, Joseph Perazzo
Grammar, scientific, dissertation, credibility / Carol J. Scimone