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Gun control and the NRA

Joellen McCarty (Editor)
"School shootings and mass gun violence have brought the gun control debate to national attention, and according to a 2018 survey, 57 percent of Americans believe that stricter gun laws are necessary. However, the same survey found that 42 percent of Americans live in gun-owning households, indicating that gun ownership is deeply embedded in American life. How can the right to gun ownership and the necessity of reducing gun violence be reconciled? Is the NRA a necessary protector of civil liberties, or does it stand in the way of effective legislation? This volume will examine these contentious questions"-- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2020
First edition
Greenhaven Publishing, LLC, New York, NY, 2020
120 pages ; 25 cm.
9781534506633, 9781534506626, 1534506632, 1534506624
What is the role of the Second Amendment in gun control debates?
The Second Amendment has a contested history / Alan Yuhas
The Second Amendment upholds public gun bans / Glen Martin
Gun ownership is a negative American value / Gary Younge
Gun control is unconstitutional / James Slate
Strict gun control infringes on constitutional rights / Scott Johnston
Does gun control infringe on personal rights and privacy?
Gun control's polarization makes policy ineffective / Lauren Manier
Universal background checks may threaten civil liberties / Vince Coglianese
Gun control makes law-abiding citizens criminals / Lauren Rosenthal
Public support for gun control outweighs individual rights complaints / Center for American Progress
Public safety is more important than individual rights / Anthea Butler
Nonviolence can be the best weapon for societal change / Mark Engler and Paul Engler
Would gun control increase public safety?
Gun violence presents a public health risk / Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund
Stricter gun control reduces non-fatal gun injuries / Kathryn M. Barker
Guns are important tools for self-defense / Mark W. Smith
Owning guns doesn't prevent crime / Samantha Raphelson
The US needs to focus on enforcing the gun laws it already has / John Wihbey
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